Sunday, December 7, 2008

Goodbye 2008

I suppose its time for an update, when our lives have changed quite considerably since the last post on July 29th!

Tyler did graduate from the DPS Academy in Austin! The 6 month commute between Abilene and Austin is over, for good! We sure are glad to be able to live together like a full time married couple again, but are better for the challenges we faced and overcame! We have moved to Hillsboro, Texas. It is a small town in between Austin and Forth Worth right on Interstate 35. Since moving here on October 1st, we have been able to attend the First Baptist Church regularly and Tyler has started patrolling as commissioned Peace Officer. He has seen some pretty interesting things as a State Trooper. He loves his job, even though the hours are strange and he has to work weekends and holidays. We are so happy that he has great job satisfaction and that he has already started a path to a successful career!

Tyler and I will actually celebrate our ONE YEAR wedding anniversary on Tuesday, December 9th. It has been a whirlwind of a 1st year of marriage, and of course we have been through a whole lot together for only being married 1 year, but it has been a memorable one and we are thankful for our first year has been a fantastic year, and we can only seem them getting better and better! Here is what all our first year of marriage included:

1. Tyler starting work with the DPS
2. Tyler going through the 6 month long academy, and GRADUATING
3. Finding out we are Pregnant with a baby girl
4. Moving from Abilene to Hillsboro

It may not seem like a long list, but we both agree that we are almost just exhausted from the hard work and surprises that 2008 included.
One of the biggest changes for me, was going from working full time to not working at all. I had worked for Lauren Engineers and Constructors for a little over 2 years when Tyler and I moved to Hillsboro, and now I am staying at home and preparing for Anslee to get here. I am glad that I am able to stay home, right now, considering Tyler's work schedule. Its wonderful that I am always off when he is and that we have that time together guarenteed. It has just been a change becuase I enjoyed being productive and having specific goals to meet on a daily basis. I know that we have made the right decision for me to stay at home, and as time goes on, I am adjusting better to being responsible for things here at home.

At 30 weeks pregnant, I am feeling good and constantly saying prayers of thanks to the Lord for such an easy and healthy pregnancy. Anslee is growing at a perfectly normal rate, and I have not suffered through any kind of symptoms. I also continue to pray that the last 10 weeks of this pregnancy will continue to go just as easy as the first two trimesters have gone! We are still on target for a Valentines Day delivery, but we will so how she cooperates when it gets closer to time!

Trevor and Jacy's weddings are closely approaching and we are all very excited for those days to get here so we can celebrate with them! Life is not slowing down, but we are certainly glad to have exciting events to look forward too.

Look for more updates soon, now that I am at home, there should be no excuses! :)

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The McDons said...

I'm so glad you posted! And...HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY! That is so exciting! Good to know y'all are doing so great!