Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend!

We always enjoy the opportunity to come together with family. We are so blessed by the families that we come from, and so having holidays such as Easter to be together is something we always are looking forward too. We were able to spend Easter with both the Sims and Moses sides of the family and so Anslee got to see all her grandparents. I have to say that Anslee should consider herself VERY lucky to have such loving grandparents on both sides. She is spoiled beyond belief, but we are so glad she will have the relationships with her grandparents that she will cherish and so the spoiling is well worth it for Tyler and I. No complaints here! We started off the weekend by heading to Coleman for the annual Easter egg hunt. Aunt Jacy was so sweet and bought Anslee a Pottery Barn kids Easter basket. So cute. Here is a picture of Anslee enjoying her Easter basket before it was full of Easter eggs! Tyler had so much fun hunting eggs with Anslee, and I had a great time following them around with a camera.
This was our first holiday to celebrate with Anslee as a part of the family and so it was so much fun to bring her into the traditions and watching her participate. (well as much as she could at 2.5 months old)She did really well and did not fuss too terribly much. Tyler and I decided after all the fun was had and the weekend was over that keeping her on any kind of a schedule just won't happen when we go visit family, and that is perfectly fine. She is so young and won't stay this way forever, so we want everyone to enjoy her when they get the opportunity. We were still so proud of of how well she did, despite the schedule changes! We also spent time in Abilene with the Sims side of the family. We had a great Easter day lunch at my Papa and Nell's house, that Nell prepared for us. Then the rest of the evening we spent with my parents at their house. My Mom and Anslee and I spent the day on Monday shopping. We are getting into a terrible habit of doing that each time I come to Abilene. There is just something about shopping for little baby girl that has me near addicted. She got some really cute, really big new bows and two new outfits. She will be super cute in all her new items.
Well this is all for now...I am getting better about this blogging already!


the thorntons said...

What a cute little Easter baby you have!! She is adorable! Thanks for your kind words on my blog...I just keep thinking that things could always be worse. I'm looking forward to having you over for Kendall's shower! I'm gonna use those letters I made to decorate...Kendall said I could "borrow" them back! :)

Jules said...

I'm glad y'all had a good Easter! Anslee is soooo cute in her Easter outfit! I love the bow! :)