Friday, January 22, 2010

1 Year Old!


I don't even know where to start. It is exciting and a little bit sad to think that your first year of life has already passed us all by. Your birth sent our little family on an amazing journey and life has never been so sweet. Your life with us has convinced me that God's greatest gift comes to us in the form of a newborn baby, and continues to be a gift as we watch you grow. There are not enough words to write, type, or say about the joy you have brought to us. You have taught us so many things and forced us to grow in areas that we never knew needing growing.

Even when I was young, the desire to be a mother was great for me. I just never knew it could be this rewarding and bring me this much joy. You have made my transition into motherhood fun and easy. I have so many prayers for you. I know that the Lord has a wonderful and unique plan for your life. I smile so big when I think about the one day in your future that you accept the Lord to be the Lord of your heart, and I see that plan unfold.

I read a little saying on a pillow at a gift shop a few months back and it said, "Daughters are just little girls who grow up to be your best friend." I have found that this is true for my mom and her mom and also for my mom and me. The friendship found between mothers and daughters is precious, and I know that as you get older we too will experience that one of kind friendship.

You are already growing up so beautifully. Learning new things by the day. Its hard to believe that one year ago today I held you for the first time and everything was new to you. This is hardly true now. I have held you so much over this past year, and you have been shown love by so many different people.

Your sweet personality is just huge. You laugh loudly, you smile big, and when you do cry, all can hear you. Your presence is just as big. You make yourself known wherever you are. I love that I get to watch your character continue to be developed and that you are even learning about you!

At 1 year old you can say: mama, daddy, bye-bye, hi, uh-oh, night night, book, and baby. You can also: show me your ears, tell me what a dog says, hug your kitty cat, and help pick up toys. You can stand without any support for a while, and have taken a few steps on your own, but are not yet walking all by yourself. You play pretty well with others, and you light up when Daddy comes home everyday. You like being outside when the weather is nice. You take two naps during the day, except lately its been clear to me that you might only need one....another sign of you getting bigger! You sleep for 12 lovely hours at night and when you are awake you are nothing but a joy to be with all day.

I know that God created me in part to be your mother and I have loved every second of the past year I have spent with you. Your first birthday is really the last of your firsts, so there will be nothing like this past year ever again with you, but I know even more exciting things are to come and we are anxiously awaiting them!

Happy 1st Birthday to my sweet not-so-baby Girl!













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Krystal said...

Happy B-day Anslee! :) We love you!

Mike, Krystal, and Madeline

The Etters said...

What a beautiful, beautiful blessing the first year with your baby girl. Happy birthday Anslee.

Elizabeth said...

I can't believe she is already a year! She is so beautiful! Motherhood suits you well Shea!

Jamie said...

Aww I can't believe she's one already! Maybe it's because I'm pregnant but I started crying reading your post. :) Anslee sure is lucky to have a mommy like you, Shea!

The Ruth Review said...

oh that was sooo sweet! happy birthday Anslee!!