Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just Going With What Works!

Wow! We have been busy chasing a toddler all over the place these days!

11-13 months was rough time for Anslee. Not her parents favorite stage in the least! Molars, turning 2 naps into 1, and learning to walk really took our sweet girl for a crazy ride.

The 1 year molars had their way and broke through her tender gums, we finally are getting one good (and long) nap everyday after lunch, and walking is easy breezy now, (dang those developmental leaps!)

Anslee started Wee Kids a couple of months ago and we love it. She is doing great there and has amazing teachers and friends.

We were surprised to have to run out and buy this particular item! That's right! Tyler noticed Anslee saying "tee tee" while grabbing at her diaper, so hr thought well why not sit her on the pot. Sure enough, my sweet girl made her first tinkle in the big potty! Later that day, she did one more time and then she has 2 more times since then (so 4 times in 2 days). At not quite 15 months, we realize that she is still very young and really may not be fully ready for potty training. We decided that we would go off of her ques for now, and not stop her if she keeps up the interest, but will not stress or become frustrated if this is not the real deal. We will encourage the interest she is showing now without any pressure for more. We are so proud of her!

We held off for a long time with putting Anslee in a front facing carseat, but now that she is 22 lbs, and just tried it once in her grandparents car and LOVED it, we thought we could go ahead and make the switch. We still have not purchased one, but my parents are graciously letting s borrow theirs until we get ours. We decided on the Britax Kathryn style one. It is safe and will last another 3 years. That to me, is worth the $$$ it will cost us.

The spoon. Oh how I hate the idea of giving Ansleee a spoon. Oh how wonderful it will be when she can feed herself. Well, we are going to make this "must happen sometime" experience come on slowly and in the least messy way I can help (I know...there is no getting around it). She has successfully made about 2 spoonfuls into her mouth, but that is really all for now. I give her a spoon with an empty bowl every now and again, and she clearly knows what it is for, but her coordination has not caught up with her understanding. That's ok. I am in no hurry, and I am making that my universal philosophy for her from now on. It is all happening so fast.

She has so many words, and I feel like she adds another one by the day. She says: hi, bye, no,yeah, mama, daddy, bath, night night, kitty, cracker, shoe, turtle, baby, outside, play, light, uh oh, no, bow, Ninny, teeth, eyes, nose, meow, hey, whoa, slide,and says (and recognizes) "A" and "B".

She points to her eyes, ears, knees, belly, toes, and nose when asked too also! We can't believe was 14 month olds are capable of understanding! They are all like little sponges and can really do much more than I ever would have imagined! It's so fun to watch!

Funny story. Tyler and I have been taught a few of the baby sign language signs for more, please, drink, and all done. We have been slackers, and never used them with Anslee though. Well one night over dinner Anslee starts saying "moe moe" (her word for drink or food that sounds like more but just not quite)and she clearly starts SIGNING "more" we were amazed and were just sure we just had the smartest kid out there. Ha! Come to find out at wee kids they use basic signs with the kiddos. She had just simply caught on, she did not have the gift of knowing sign without ever being taught. None the less it was still a fun new thing for us to see her do!

Clealry it's been a full couple of weeks for us! We could not love life more right now!

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Samantha said...

Wow that's so great that she's wanting to use the potty. I'm trying to decide if I want to go full speed ahead with potty training Aubrey. She's had a couple of successes too. So I think it'll be kind of easy but Nathan took about 2 YEARS for me to completely potty train! And how has Anslee done with mothers day out? I'm putting Aubrey in one next year & am hoping she does okay.