Tuesday, June 15, 2010

2 word phrases!

Anslee has started putting words together this past month! Its a little step closer to more clear communication with her, so that makes me this mama so excited :) I remember thinking that when kiddos started putting words together they were officially big kids!

She says:

Thank you - and so clearly too! this is my favorite phrase to hear come out of her mouth!

All Done - She will sign and say this one at the same time. We can communicate!

Oh No - This has almost replaced "uh oh".

I know - Not sure if she knows what this means, but she says it after we do.

I have also started counting to 3 when I want her to come to me. My friend Cindy does this and her little one cooperates, so I thought I would try. We are doing pretty good! By 2, she starts walking toward me!

I have also started requiring "please" or at least the sign for please before giving her what she wants. I would say she certainly understands and does it without thinking, but other times it can be what causes a fit. A work in progress is what we will always be anyway...

I have also realized just HOW MUCH she understands, even if she can't verbalize that she does. She knows what "stay in here", "do not touch", "bring me your shoes", "lets go", and "come on" mean and will follow the instruction pretty consistently. s

Now that I know she understands more, I can expect that she is able to follow directions and therefore a whole new world of fun can be had :)

She wears pig tails and ponytails now. She is a big girl.

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