Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A capacity for Love

Although I was on a lot of drugs and coming off of general anesthesia after my C-section, I can vividly remember the tremendous amount of love I felt when holding Anslee for the very first time. I remember thinking, I don't think its possible that I could ever feel this love for anyone else ever. It was overwhelming emotion. The kind that takes your breath away. The kind that makes the minutes draw out into hours without you knowing. I literally felt like the rest of the world had stopped spinning.

So, is it true that I have the blessing and honor of feeling that way all over again? Even though I know exactly what it feels like, to love that much, I still just can't believe that it will happen again. I love no one like I do Anslee, and so it just does not seem like it could be real that I will love like that for another. I know full well that its real, and that the exact same rush of emotion will come right back over me. I can't fully prepare for it though. You can't. I look forward to it. I look forward to reliving that emotion that only a mother knows all over again.

Just look at this sweet baby growing in me. This will be the object of my love just months from now. We are so very excited. We feel so blessed. God is so good to give us the precious gift of life!

Our capacity for Love is about to grow! By leaps and bounds!


Lee Family said...

Shea, I am so excited for you. The second time around is even better than the first. Do you know what you guys are having yet?
I hope you have a little boy. They are so sweet!

The Skains Family said...

I remember thinking the same thing when I was pregnant with Adalyn. How can I possibly feel this again? But it's true, the moment they lay that baby in your arms that rush of emotion and love completely over takes you and it DOES feel as if the world stopped spinning around you. Your post made me all emotional thinking about that moment. I can hardly wait to feel it again. God is so good isn'the!