Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Wonder Week 12. Smooth Transitions

So unless you are a family member you probably won't care too much about this little video.

I just thought it documented Laynees right of passage through her 3rd set (of many more to come) of wonder weeks. Smooth Transitions. What does that mean? Well I really don't know. I just know my wonder week app said that when this leap was complete, baby would become more vocal, follow objects with her eyes, blow saliva bubbles, and examine/play with her hands more.

All I know- is that even though she was 2.5 weeks early- she hits her ww right on time as if she was a 40 weeker. Girl has been predictable since her days in the womb. Love it.

Sweet girl is doing all of these a lot lately- and this also explains her 2 days last week of 45 minute naps that liked to drive a mama mad.

We are enjoying every single second of Miss Laynee. It's so hard to believe that is the last time I will ever have to deal with that particular wonder week again!

YouTube Video

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