Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Welcome Burden?

This is not one of those Pinterest perfect blogs.
If you know me in real life - you know I am not shy
to own up to a fault (or two or three, or way more.)
We have as many hard days as we do good ones.

This week has been a toughie. Yes - Its only Tuesday.
This week has been good for 1 thing.

Feeling like kiddos are a burden to other people.
I am not sure there is a much worse feeling.
I know they are not perfect, but,
they are little - and they are learning.
I sometimes find it hard to be as patient as I need to be - 
so I get it. I really do.

Do a mom a favor - make her feel like her kids are welcome
where she is. Sometimes, there is no other option.
I bet she is trying really hard.

It will go a long long long way.
I promise.

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