Sunday, July 28, 2013

21 on 30.

So today I am 30. I mean, how did that happen? Why do I still think like a 15 year old most of the time? Should I not be more organized, put together, responsible, and less emotional, careless, and self centered? Then again, age is just a number, right? Well - here are some thoughts I have as I turn the big 3-0.

 1. When I get to go shopping I keep gravitating towards the sweat pant/athletic gear section. Is this because I have a sub-conscience effort to be fit/atheltic or is it because my reality says my clothes need to be a bit more elastic in some areas?

 2. When I am looking at make-up - I am thinking about what will be "too bold". Wow. Its not about highlighting good features anymore. Its all about what will blend the best. 

 3. I actually care about anti-aging skin care now. I used to wash my face 3 times a week in a good week.

 4. I am consumed with the next diet fad. What will really work for me? Advocare? Metabolic Effect? Hydroxycut? (Hey - Sean Lowe supports the brand, so I looked into it.) 

 5. Speaking of Sean Lowe - would it be very 20-ish of me to admit to my obsession of reality TV? I love it. Or is it very 30-ish of me to be living out the younger hope in 20 somethings lives? I can't decide. 

 6. Do not get me started on the handful of gray hairs Tyler constantly points out to me. I am now trying to figure out how I can work out getting "color" added in to my hair care regimen budget. I have been interested in coloring my hair before now. Never! 

 7.I drive a mini-van, and I love it.

 8. I must have coffee every single morning or I am not effective in any way.

 9. Anyone have any good suggestions for a great fiber supplement? 

 10. I actually remember celebrating my dad's 30th birthday. We took him black "over the hill" balloons and a cake to his office that day. I think I was 6.5 years old - but its weird that I remember that day for exactly what it was, and now I am that same age. 

 11. Taylor Swifts "22" makes me laugh. And remember the good times. 

 12. I am realizing how somethings 10 years ago were HUGE deal. They are mere details now, that I hardly remember anymore. 

 13. I think in terms of trimesters instead of semesters now. 

 14. I told Tyler right around the time we got married that I wanted to have all my kids by the time I was 30. I have done that, and I feel so blessed. 

 15. My biggest accomplishment for this year: Having a 8 month old and a 4 year old stay content while I potty trained the 2 year old. 

 16. I can totally remember when my facebook news feed was full of "relationship status updates" that were exciting to see for my friends. Now - my newsfeed is filled with pictures of their sweet babies. Isn't it telling how our FB newsfeeds clearly depict what stage of life we are in? 

 17. I need a good at-home teeth whitening solution!! STAT! 

 18. Keeping up with the Jones' can be a real problem in life. 

 19. For some strange reason, the older I get, the worse I have become at knowing my basic grammar and spelling rules. Bless my kids hearts - for they will be taught wrong many times I think. 

 20. Chiropractors are worth every dime. 

 21. So, I wanted to do 30 thoughts on becoming 30 - but since I wish I was still 21 (sometimes), I'll stop here. Well, that and I am officially out of brain power so this will have to do!

 Hope you all have a great day, and that if you are in your 30's - or close to them - you can appreciate and relate to my major problems in life right now!

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