Saturday, November 23, 2013

Here we go again!

Well- it's time to tell the world, (because my tummy is already "speaking" out) that we are expecting another blessing in the form of a baby in June of 2014!

To answer your questions:

1. No, this was not planned! We were stunned, as we thought this really was not a possibility!

2. Yes, we are excited. We feel so humbled that even though we often don't feel fit to parent the 3 angels we have, The Lord finds it a part of his perfect will to have another child of his to be be raised by us.

3. We are 12 weeks, and the due date is June 6. (I am 12 weeks based on this date) The scheduled c-section would be set for around May 31st. Let's be real- my body has never gone to 38 weeks. It's safe to say, we will have a baby end of May.

4. This will be our last, as permanent medical procedures are being set in place to ensure this as real truth. The Lord has graced us so much in our journey as parents, and we know that will continue with the 4 we will soon have.

5. We would appreciate your support. It's common for families to have 2 or 3 children, but past that, when you tell people about adding to your get a lot of strange looks. You get a lot of whispers behind your back, and that doesn't feel good. Each life that God knits together has purpose and deserves to be celebrated. We want this baby to be as loved upon as Anslee was as the first child we welcomed into our family.

6. We would love a boy. We would love to add another girl to this crew. Either way- we have great reason to be excited. Either something new to experience, or something we are EXTREMELY familiar/comfortable with. We do have a boy name, though! Our list of girls names has run short over the years.

7. When this baby joins us, Anslee will be 5 years and 4 months old. Kensington will be 3 years and 4 months old. Laynee will be right at 22 months old.

8. No, Laynee will not be potty trained when this baby is born. I wouldn't know what to do if I potty trained a toddler without having an infant around while doing to keep history the same....

9. We will find out the gender in January!

10. I am feeling ok- out of 4 pregnancies, I've never thrown up in the first trimester, so that is wonderful! I just mainly can't keep my eyes open. My bedtime for the last 10 weeks had been 9 or so. Ha! we go again!

Shea Moses
Rodan and Fields Executive Consultant

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