Sunday, January 19, 2014

Girl Mom FOUR life! (and a name!)

Last Wednesday we had a super important 
Doctor appointment for baby.
The anticipation for this appointment DOES NOT LESSEN
with the number of pregnancies you have.
Anatomy Scan.
Put simply:
Boy or Girl
Pink or Blue
(well, this is true if you are the finding out type - if you are not,
I envy your patience. I absolutely must know, lest I drive myself and anyone 
around me into crazy.)

I had the first appointment of the day. I love this for 2 reasons:
1. You weigh less in the morning. Always.
(not that I let them tell me my weight anyway - yes, I turn backwards on the scale
and threaten the nurse so she is sure not to tell me.)
2. You get in quicker, and for this appointment - waiting was not going to do anyone any good.

Here I am. Waiting super impatiently for Dr. Neel to get there. I am a few days shy of 20 weeks,
so it was time to find out!! EEEK!

 The Doctor came in, and did the ultrasound (he does his own, he doesn't use a tech,
which I suppose is pretty uncommon.)
He said everything looked really good, and I was measuring a few days small - 
which is consistent with how I do pregnancy. Every.time. 
Heartbeat was a perfect 148, and again - no matter how many times you are pregnant - 
that sound is always reassuring, and beautiful.

We had instructed Dr. Neel to NOT tell us as the ultrasound was taking place
what the gender was. We asked if would please write it down and seal it in an
Dr. Neel thinks he is super funny - and this is how he sealed it for us:

It was taped twice on the back. It was stapled 9 times across the top.
We took the chastity envelope home,
immediately walked to the couch,
and spent approximately the next 22 minutes trying to open it.

We open it to find a piece of paper that was folded 17 times (and taped at each fold)
We opened it -
and if we were thinking we would have taken a picture of that paper - 
but we didnt.

Needless to say, 
it said:

We were so thrilled!
We should have known, but we were still shocked!
Raising girls is such a gift, and a challenge
and we feel like the Lord has called us to something larger 
than ourselves by granting us the privilege of raising
daughters of his Kingdom!
Tyler is so excited. He feels equipped and ready for battle.
He has assured me (by who he is) that 
I will have 4 girls that will grow up without daddy issues.
I can think of no better gift he could give me in this lifetime.
These 4 will grow up knowing they are first the Lord's. Then,
they will understand that they are of true value to their parents.
They will never questions if they are good enough, or if they measure up.
They will always know they are enough.
They will never search for something emotionally they can't get at home.
I am so blessed. So blessed.
A house full of dolls.

Guess what? Sweet girl #4 is even being called by name now!

Our precious Wynn,
We pray for your growing body inside of me,
and we pray desperately for the soul already growing inside of you.
You are loved and wanted and treasured.
We can't wait to meet you - 
to know who God is creating you to be!

Oh happy day! Our God is so good. 
Praise and Glory to his name!


kate @ livinglovinglaughing said...

so thrilled for you guys - these four girls are blessed indeed :) just love how tenderly you mother them and understand how blessed you are! cant wait to see FOUR MATCHING GIRLS oh my!!!!

motherglover said...

So very happy for your sweet family, Shea! Love the name that you've chosen!