Monday, February 24, 2014

25 Weeks

When I was pregnant with Anslee 9 months was eternity.
It liked to have never happened. 
I really thought the pregnancy part would never end.
It was torment waiting to meet her.

Now that we are on round 4 - I can't stay pregnant long enough.
Not that I don't want to meet precious Wynn,
but I really want to meet her when things are done - 
and say....
She has a place to live. Call me crazy.
This pregnancy is FLYING by. I mean we are non-stop,
and it seems like there will never be enough time to prepare.

So I am 25 weeks along, and overall - this pregnancy has been
like the other 3. Pretty textbook - for me.
She measures small, just like the others.
I never had first trimester morning sickness.
My back aches. I am a pregnant insomniac.
Heartburn every now and again.
No swelling (yet) hoping for none at all.
A little anemic. Nothing to take super great concern too.
All the usual.

One difference: I had a random bout of "morning sickness"
between 20-21 weeks. Yuck. That was horrible to experience.
Very inconvenient to have 3 kids - need to puke at little to no notice - 
and never want to eat anything ever. 
Oh - and I basically started showing before I knew I was even pregnant this time.
If that counts as a difference.

I started to feel flutters probably around 18 weeks.
Now, I feel more substantial movement, though she is not super active.
Just active enough to remind me that there is real life inside me.

I have NOT been able to work out as much as I would like too.
I can't go for runs in the jogging stroller because I have 3 kids and double stroller - 
I CAN go to the gym just twice a week while the big girls are in school and I just have L.
Then, a lot of times once I finally get the opportunity to - I am beat tired.
I do go to a step class twice a week, and try to walk on our treadmill 
as often as I can wake up at 5:30 am to do so.

 I am blessed with a healthy baby girl and a body that is still able.

And because everyone needs a bump selfie - 
here you go. 25 weeks with my Wynn!

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The Atwoods said...

You're adorable! And I can totally relate to the feelings of the pregnancy flying by. I had my appointment today and my midwife said "Almost to the 3rd trimester" to which I almost gasped - how can it be?!?