Thursday, September 4, 2014

Life with 4.

When you add a baby to your household, you can always expect to enter into a phase of adjustment. Going from 0 to 1 child was like a reality kick to the pants. You are trying to learn as you go, (something that the first child will endure from their parents their entire life.) You are also learning your spouse as they take on the role of being a parent. Also, you unnecessarily worry about every.single.thing. Adding a 2nd was so so so hard for us. We had a difficult infant (who has turned into the most precious pre-schooler that ever was) who needed quite a bit of attention and a toddler who still needed us just as much as well. When Tyler was gone it was 2 on 1, and I found that to be more difficult that I had expected it to be. It took every day of 6 months for to me to be comfortable with our predictable routine. During that time, everyday looked different and that drove me crazy. Adding #3 was smooth. natural. Our life did not seem to be disrupted much when Laynee joined us. It was just another ball in the air to juggle. So, when we found out we were pregnant with baby girl #4, I thought it would be a similar adjustment to when we brought home #3.

Wrong. So very wrong. Adding #4 has stretched me so thin. I literally feel like I physically meet all the demands I have on me. I am, after all, just 1 person with 2 arms - with 4 kids. There really isn't a time when all the girls at home that no one is crying. Oh there is always someone crying. All of a sudden, things have become less manageable and I feel like we live in a small state of chaos all day. Here is what our schedule is like:

5:30 am - I get up and get ready *try* to spend time with Jesus.
6:30 am - big girls up and getting ready and eat breakfast
7:15 am - Wynn up and feeding
7:35 am - take Anslee to school
8:15 am - Wynn down for nap (sometimes this nap has to happen in the carseat. ugh)
9:00 am - (on Mondays and Wednesdays) Middle sisters to pre-school
10:15 am - Wynn up and feeding
11:15 am - lunch for middle sisters on non school days
11:20 am - Wynn down for nap #2
12:30 pm - Middle sisters down for nap
1:15 pm - Wynn up from nap and feeding
2:30 pm - pick up middle sisters from pre-school on Mondays and Wednesdays
*Wynn also needs a nap here, so its either in the carseat or I have a GREAT friend who helps me pick up the kids so I can stay home to get Wynn's nap in
2:50 pm - pick up Anslee from school
3:30 pm Wynn up and feeding
4:30 pm Anslee and Kens have gymnastics on Tuesdays, other days - they play together here.
4:45 pm Wynn down for a cat nap
5:00 pm dinner
5:30 pm Wynn up
6:00 pm  bath for middle sisters, Anslee showers
6:30 pm bath for Wynn
7:00 pm all girls in bed
10:00 pm dreamfeed Wynn

This is what we shoot for everyday, and some days obviously look different. Its so tricky trying get all of Wynn's much needed naps in during the day while trying to make sure that the big sisters are getting to and from all their activities that they so enjoy doing. Carseat naps are less than favorable - as most of the time they do not even happen when I try.

I will say that this time around we figured out how to make them all be in bed for the night at 7 much earlier than we did with Laynee. Tyler and I are so grateful to have that time to spend with just each other. It is a crazy, crazy, crazy season in our life - but we would not trade this time for anything in the world. I know that we have just had 4 kids for a little over 3 months now, and I am trying to give myself grace when Wynn misses her nap or when I can't the light turned on for Laynee as quickly as she would like for me too. Some nights, we may skip reading books - and that is ok for now. I know that we will soon figure out our new normal. Each day is getting more predictable and I feel like we are on the verge of the very sought after ebb and flow of the day.

The main thing that saves me: having their drinks made and in the fridge before I go to bed at night for them to be able to get for themselves at breakfast, and making breakfast on Sunday evening that just has to be warmed up in the craziness of the morning rush for the rest of the week.

I just keep reminding myself that I can only do so much at one time - but in everything I am doing the best that I possibly can. I hope this is made clear to them - for what they can understand at their tender ages. Those sweet girls. If I could give them each the world, I would in a heartbeat.

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