Monday, May 30, 2016

Anslee's 1st grade year

It is hard to believe that another year of school is in the books and all wrapped up! I remember when I was young, I thought the school year was a forever long eternity. Perspective is everything - because I can honestly say it goes by in blink!

Just like her kindergarten year, her first grade year was amazing. She really loves to learn new things and has been able to do just that. I could see growth in great strides in her from the beginning to the end of the school year.

What I noticed the most this year was how she grew so much socially. This was the year of friendship for Anslee. She grew so close to several little girls in her class. I have, up until this point, always been in charge of who my girls are "friends" (hello - my friends kiddos - via playdates) with. Not for Anslee as much anymore. She is beginning to learn how to meet people her age, in a place where I am not the main oversee-er, and dive into relationship with them. This is both terribly frightening and incredibly sweet to watch happen. I have watched her take the skills we have taught her in how to treat and relate to others and put it into real practice. While Tyler and I - and the family - still have the most influence over her, I can see the process begin where peers enter that circle. So my prayer in response to seeing this has been that 1. She be a light to her peers 2. That she can delight in her peers positive influence over her 3. That she recognize when the influence is not favorable and responsibly chose differently and love her friends through it.

The year started off very well. She has had nothing but cream of the crop teachers, and Mrs. Morton killed it teaching this year.

 Her first ever spelling test~

Anslee was Star Student of her class the 1st six weeks :)

Anslee and Kensington and Laynee got to go to their first ever high school football game with their daddy. They barely made it to half time, but it still counts! Go Lions!

Shortly into the 2nd six weeks, the 1st grade students went to a local pumpkin patch and nursery. She had a blast on this filed trip! There were more gourds than you could imagine!

They ended the semester with a fun Christmas party in the classroom, but I am on it - clearly- because I took no pictures during the party!

Anslee was able to celebrate her 7th birthday shortly after they came back to school for the 2nd semester. She brought pink cupcakes for her class to share.  Her and her precious friend Molly really never have any fun together - you can tell by the picture below.

The P.E. coach at our school goes all out for Jump Rope for Heart. The kids learn so much about heart health, healthy eating, and living a healthy overall lifestyle during JRFH! They also have so so so much fun.

Anslee was chosen at the 1st grade girl PE Star Student for the 3rd six weeks

We live in a small community, so traditions run big here. Our town hosts an annual Track and Field event for High School Students. Its known as the Bluebonnet Relays. The city invites elementary students chosen by their respective schools to participate, and Anslee got to run a 400 meter race this year! She came in like 3rd to last in the run that included 1st and 2nd graders from her school. She ran her heart out and wasn't even nervous!  Here she is - in action!

She had such a fun time running and I was so proud to cheer her on!

I helped with spring picture day and was able to snag a picture of these sweet friends before they took their class picture.

Another fun thing that the first grade students do is a market day. They study an economics unit in the spring where they learn about working on a product to sell, advertising, how to subtract the cost of supplies from what they make, and how to count money and give change. I think it is such a neat project they do, and the kids come up with the most creative things to sell! Anslee made several beaded bracelets. She worked for a full week putting them together before the official market day. She sold out of her bracelets before the end of the market! 

A friend of mine, Shantel, who has a son in the first grade also went above and beyond and helped the 1st grade teachers plan the most fun first grade end of year picnic!

Tyler helped cook up the hotdogs, and the little sisters came to see what all the fun was about! Pictured below is Bella Attaway, our treasured friend and neighbor, with Anslee at the picnic.

The kids had inflatable body vest to put on and bounce against each other in, oversized inflatable boxing gloves, and entire park to take over. They spent almost the entire day there - don't worry - we all slept well that night !

The last day of school came so quickly. One thing that surprised me last year with kindergarten was that the last day was more emotional for me than the first day was. I was sad to leave our teacher, proud of the progress that had been made, and nervous for what new expectations awaited us for the next school year. The same is to be said for this year! I am sad to leave our teacher, so proud of how far she came this year, and now looking forward to next year in 2nd grade.  We feel so blessed to have had such a lovely experience in our first two years in school. 

Anslee recieved a faithful attendance award at the end of the year. I think she only missed two days this year due to illness, so she was typically present.

I was also proud that Anslee recieved a citizenship awared. This award means a lot to me as a parent, as it means that she is treating others with kindness and respect - and tending to her responsibilities at school. 

A last picture of these girls who have really made the year of friendship for Anslee

And another year gone by! She finished making all A's all year (except the first six weeks where every 1st grader is being evaluated for reading levels so all students receive an 80 in reading that first six weeks). 

We are excited for Kensington to join Anslee at school next year full time. I sure hope that Anslee will watch out for her sister and always be a warm smile when they pass each other in the hallways! Here they are, my two school girls (getting a 7 year and 5 year check up at the time)

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