Monday, November 7, 2016

BFBN Week: Babywise Myths

This week is BFBN week! Everyday this week I will be posting an  a short recap of one of the ladies blog post with a link to their entire post on their personal website. Each of us will be touching on some of the push back that babywise sometimes recieves (especially online).  Today, Valerie is breaking down some myths about babywise and backing it up with the facts.

My first child was basically born back when dinosaurs roamed the earth so far as the Internet is concerned. The internet existed, but it wasn't on the top five list of places you would turn to for information. Because of that, my husband and I happily parented him, our Babywise baby, for two years before we even realized there was any sort of controversy surrounding Babywise.

Hop on over to Valeries blog to read the rest at The Babywise Mom and check back here all week where you will find links to all the ladies blogs and introductions to what they are talking about!

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