Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sad Goodbyes

We were blessed to move this past year to a place where we do have friends that live near by. I always said that if we could not live near our families, our friends would take us in as family and that has been our experience. We have enjoyed being able to see our Hardin-Simmons friends more often that we used to while living in Abilene. While we are still a good 45 minutes away, we have taken advantage of the shorter distance and spent weekends and even some evenings together. Two of our best friends, Ronnie and Christen Leidner, welcomed us to Hillsboro while living in Crowley and made special efforts to see us now that we were more available. Now that we have moved here, the Lord has called them in a different direction. God is so faithful, yet, still we don't always understand why things pan out in our lives the way that they do. Ronnie has been accepted to the Master's program for Athletic Training at Texas Tech University in Lubbock. We are so proud for his accomplishment in getting admitted to the program, and so sad that it will be taking their family away from ours when we just got used to being able to visit each other on a more regular basis. We got to enjoy their company one last time as a group at a going away party this last Friday evening. Tyler had to work, so Anslee and I went together! Here is a photo of the Leidners!

We will be missing them so much in the future, but wishing them well at the same time. I have realized the value of friendship in truly being happy for them, even though it causes a little heartache on our side. The party was a lot of fun, and I think that they felt very loved by their "family" here in Texas.

Christen and I realized that great of friends we are, we have not taken a picture together (just us) in literally years. Why? We don't know. So we decided to take one to make up for lost memories over the years.

Well, Mother's day is tomorrow, and I am so excited and blessed to celebrate my very first one this year! I am blessed to be a mother and a wife, and could not ask for anything more!

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