Saturday, June 6, 2009


I guess it has been a while since I last blogged, but lately it is just so easy to let time get away from me! This have been wonderful and life has been busy, but good. We took Anslee to the Waco Cameron Park Zoo for the first time this past Tuesday. Tyler had the day off work and a friend (Susan) from church invited us to go with her and her two kiddos, Cash (4) and Ava (10 months). We had a blast. Here are a couple of pictures of Anslee enjoying her first Zoo experience.

This is Anslee watching the fish in the Aquarium

This is Anslee with her Dad...taking a breather!

Here is a family shot of us in front of the TeePee (Buffalo area)

And finally, Anslee had all the excitement she could take!

We really had a good time, and hope to go back someday, maybe when Anslee is a little older and can really get excited as she learns about and sees all the animals!


Tyler will leave tomorrow to head for Austin, Texas (yet again) for more training. He will taking Crash Reconstruction level 2 courses. While it is very necessary for him to go, I am always sad to know he won't be coming home in the evening. He will be gone for two full weeks, but luckily he will be able to make it back to Hillsboro for the weekend in between. This will be the first time I have Anslee all to myself, 24 hours a day, without the sight of any relief. I am confident that we will all still be living and breathing, I have also come to realize what a great help Tyler is, and how I have really depended on him for a break here and there. I have not had the easiest time swallowing the fact that the State is requiring him to leave AGAIN, when it has not even been a year since they required 6 months of his life for training. Its just one of those things that goes with the Trooper title, but I will say its not my favorite aspect of his profession. He will do great while he is there, and will certainly benefit from the classes he will take. I just ask for prayers that nothing come up that I can't handle on my own! Thank goodness he will be off for 3 full days when he returns from the school!


I will be teaching Vacation Bible School at FBC Hillsboro next week! I am excited about what God will do in the lives of the children that attend. Please pray for all of our kids, and that I (and the other teacher) can effectively speak truths to the 3rd and 4th graders. We have an "Austrailian Outback" theme and will talking about everything from Boomerangs to Sheep Shearing all while incorporating The Gospel to these kids.


An update on Anslee! We had our 4 month well baby appointment on May 28th. She was actually 4 months and 1 week to the day when we visited Dr. Nesmith (who we love!) At the appointment she was 13.7 lbs and 24.5 inches long. This puts her in the 50th percentile for growth and development and her height and weight were perfectly proportional. The Dr. commented on how well tempered she is, and he said that it was time to start the big girl on solid foods. He told us to start out with rice cereal and to introduce it slowly, a little bit at a time, and once daily for a while.

Anslee enjoying her first experience with cereal!

We have found that Anslee has just developed a whole personality all of a sudden. She enjoys her new found "voice" and loves to listen to herself and certainly wants to make sure everyone in a shouts distance can hear her clearly. She loves to eat her toes, play with and grab at toys, and smiles almost the entire time she is awake. I never get tired of seeing that smile or hearing her laugh. I will say that going out in public is an interesting people look at us while she squeals and shrills at the top of her lungs in her amusement. We love her though, and so glad that the Dr. gave nothing but good reports after checking her over...and giving her the dreaded shots. Thank you, Tyler, for staying in the room while I left in order to NOT hear the sad cries of Anslee being pricked by needles!


I hate to end on a sad note, but Tyler had to work a very unfortunate situation last night. A woman, in her early 30's, called herself into the sheriff's office for the murder of her 13 year old daughter and major injury to her 12 year old daughter. I know it takes a special kind of person to be able to stand strong through working these kinds of crime scenes, and proud of Tyler I am, as he was courageous and professional while dealing with such a gruesome situation. Prayers go out to the young girl who survived and for the family in general. It really hits home when things like this happen within a 7 mile radius of where you sleep at night. Thank you to all who support Tyler and his job, he is doing well and standing strong as always.

Here is a link to the news story if you want to read about the case

More updates on the Moses home as they arise!

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