Sunday, June 28, 2009

Fathers Day followed by Growth Spurts and Teething

Well, let me start off by saying that Anslee is truly lucky to have the Father she does, and I certainly look forward to the day that she can recognize that and show him how much he means to him! We spent Father's Day at home together, since Tyler had the day off from patrolling. We got up, and Anslee had put up every picture she had ever taken with Tyler on the table for him to see when he woke up. She had also bought him a nice Polo shirt and put that out on the table for him to see as well. She served him a Sausage McGriddle biscuit from McDonalds because she knows that breakfast is always a treat for her daddy! Tyler loved looking at all the photos (there are already so many!) of him with her. From the first time he held her until just days before Father's Day, he was able to look back at the 5 months he has shared with her. All of those photos are going to be put into an album that will eventually be filled with lots of pictures of Daddy and Daughter in her first year. We then went to church, and then ate out at the Lone Star Cafe. Its Fine Dining in Hillsboro! We lazed around the rest of the afternoon and then I made some chicken salad sandwhiches, and we headed to the Old City Park to have a picnic dinner. We had the best time together as a family, and I think Tyler felt he should! He has enjoyed every minute of being a daddy, and I know he looks forward to watching Anslee grow into a beautiful young lady. Here is a picture of Anslee with her Daddy on Fathers day at the park!

Speaking of my are we doing a lot of that these days! We are currently going through Anslee's 3rd major growth spurt. Growth spurts are not fun for Mom, Dad, or baby! I am always aware of when growth spurts come on, but somehow, I feel like I am always taken by surprise too. This is what happens:

Week 1 of growth spurt: Anslee eats like she will never eat again and sleeps like she will never sleep again
Week 2 of growth spurt: Anslee does not like to eat as much, cries before each of her 3 naps and before bedtime, and is cranky a good part of the day.

Then, the growth spurt ends and life is back to smooth sailing again. Week 2 of the growth is really hard. I feel like I can't do enough to keep her happy and I hate that I can't take away those growing pains that make her life so uncomfortable. I remember having growing pains (I know you are all thinking, with as small as she is, she probably didn't have that many, but none the less, I did people!) and they are not fun. Its a deep pain in the bone that no massaging or moving about can relieve. I also get frustrated when I do all I can do, and put my all energies into making her day go as easily as I possibly can, and the crying does not stop. I find MY comfort in knowing that it won't last and the sweet will ooze out her once again soon! Until then, we are just loving on her as much as we can to make her feel as comfortable as she can feel until it ends! Thank you baby tylenol, you have been of great help these days!

Teething! On June 18th, at just a few days shy of being 5 months old, Anslee's first tooth cut through the gums. I knew she had been teething for about a month, as the drool was flowing abundantly, some fussiness came and went, and anything she could bring to her mouth she would. Out of all items I have for her to chew on, she enjoyed my (clean, always clean) finger. So on June 18th, I offered my finger to her because she started some fussing...and OUCH! She bit me with her brand new tooth! There it was, barely poking itself out of the gums! Now its even come up further! The drooling had subsided for a few days after that tooth came through, I noticed, but it has returned....are we awaiting tooth #2? Who knows...but we shall soon see! I can't get a good picture of the tooth right now, because Anslee likes to stick her tongue out (covering the tooth) whenever I try. Maybe I can catch one next time around.

Tyler has told me that he has appreciated my experimenting in the kitchen lately! I have thrown together some random dinner ideas, and some were actually pretty good...others not so much, but you can't blame a girl for trying. I have cooked 4meals in a row! This is a big deal for me, as I am a "heat something up" or "sandwhich" kind of a chef. This week I actually made two different styles of chicken spaghetti, fajitas with beans and rice, and a quiche. I am thankful for some family recipes I have that I will start on next week, and I am continuing to become a little more confident in the kitchen. Any other recipe ideas are welcomed, as I need to be a little more creative in meal planning.

Well time is flying by, with watching our little grow, I have just now realized that we have been in Hillsboro now for 9 months! Almost a year, and we have had some great experiences here. We do know that we won't be here for much longer, but we are so thankful for the opportunity we have had to grow as a family here. Tyler was trained by a GREAT trooper who really taught Tyler all the little things (and big things) he needed to know about being a Trooper. If that was the ONLY reason we were supposed to be here, that would have been enough, but I know its not. We have learned a lot, and will take so much with us wherever we go next! We should find out in about a months time or so where we might possibly be going if we end up going some where else. No matter what though....owning a home is in our near future! We have decided we will buy a home before this year is over, and for this, I could not be more excited for! All of this will certainly be expanded upon in upcoming blogs!

Stay tuned!

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