Sunday, July 12, 2009

All Things "Mommy"

What a busy first part of July it has been! I can't believe that a year ago on July 9th, I heard Anslee's heart beat for the very first time. I was 8 weeks and 4 days along in my pregnancy. My first doctor's visit and sonogram. Pregnancy was such a joy for me (I say this with caution, as I feel I may jinx myself with the next pregnancy!) Wow. Now she is here. She was living and had a beating heart then...for more than a year she has been living, and for almost 6 months I have been able to hold her in my arms. I still can't get over how fast time flies, and I will never be able to capture each moment in a photograph or on film...but I am certainly doing the very best I can!

On July 3rd, we noticed Anslee's 2nd tooth sprouting above the gum line. I knew again this was happening, as the drooling that had somewhat subsided after the first one sprout had returned. Needless to say, we wear a bib everywhere we go. I hate it, as it always seems to be covering up the cute outfits she is dressed in! She enjoys putting everything she can get her grubby little hands in her mouth, I suppose to ease any pain she is feeling. However, she gets bored with each item shortly after she discovers it, and is always wanting to move on to something else. What keeps her attention the most is a wet wash cloth, but only while bathing. She is a particular child, and I wonder if this part of her little personality settling in, or if she is just temporarily exploring all that is offered to her. Thankfully, I use Hyland's homeopathic teething tablets for instant relief. They dissolve immediately in under her tongue, and she seems to calm as soon as they are given. I like these better than baby orajel, only because she seems too.

Developmental Milestones
Anslee has been rolling over from side to side and front to back now for about 2 months. Now, at 5.5 months, she is almost sitting up independently. She sits in front of her baby gym set and will play with the toys that dangle from it. She is grasping objects with both hands and is really getting good at it. She of course, takes everything straight to her mouth. She can pass toys/objects from one hand to the other. Anslee does tend to drop things a lot. I am starting to wonder if the notorious "dropping game" is starting, or if she is just trying to hear different sounds. I try to keep several toys at arms length, so that when one is dropped she can simply amuse herself with another. Anslee is cooing and babbling and screeching and squealing almost every moment that she is awake. Tyler says that she is already a talker. I hope so, I try to talk a lot and read a lot to her for language development purposes. She tends to really get vocal when we are in public places. Thats really my know when you get those stares from the nice old couple in the booth next to you. I always wonder what they are thinking. Are they thinking "gosh, if that were my child....." I guess we will never know, Anslee is happy and healthy, developing right on pace with her age group (or so I read...and read and read...) so I have NOTHING to worry or complain about at this point. Our favorite book this past week has been "Abby Learns her Shapes" (its a sesame series book). Anslee also is trying to work on her "crawling" muscles. She fidgets around, and pushes up onto her hands and knees but then is quickly back down to her belly again. She has mastered the art of backward crawling...which I think is cute, and at least she is moving matter what direction! Here is a photo of Anslee sitting up and playing

GRRRRR....Growth Spurt Again?
This week (week 24 of development) Anslee has been bad at feeding, and not going down as easy for her naps during the day. Oh yeah, and as far as solids go: Not happening. I hate feeling like I am forcing her to eat them, but I do feel that way. I only started them because I under instruction to by my pediatrician, who is wonderful and who I very much trust. I think with Anslee its just going to be a learning process that takes a little longer. Its especially frustrating this week. I feel like she is going through growth spurts all the time lately. I can't understand why...she has only grown 8.5 inches and put on 4 X's as much as weight from, so it seems likely that we could again be victim to the dreaded growth spurt again this week. This is always...without a she handles them. Fusses a little, does not eat well, and does not go down for naps as well or for as long. I take heart in knowing its temporary, and thankful that it does not disrupt her night time sleep pattern.

Tyler and I are looking forward to being homeowners in the next few months, and starting the process in which it takes to become homeowners. Even though we do not know for certain where we are going to be, we are committing the next 3 to 5 years wherever we go, as we see this decision best suits our family! We are excited and ready to know where 1st God and 2nd the DPS is leading us!

We had a wonderful time celebrating the 4th of July! I got to make a fast trip to Abilene and visit with my family, and then we went on to Coleman, where the 4th is bigger than Christmas. Anslee participated in the 1st Annual Family Parade, and we played games, ate a lot of food, played more games, and ate more food. Here is Anlsee as she "paraded" down Walnut Street in Coleman. (She has her Grandad to thank for pushing her in the stroller the whole way!)

We also took Anslee swimming for the 1st time! We bought her a floatie, and she so enjoyed it. The water was warm (how could it not be? clearly its 108 degrees!) and so it probably felt nothing more to her than a big bath that she could splash around in! She laughed and giggled and relaxed as well. Here is a photo of her floating and enjoying life to end this post with!


Dicky and Sarah Smith said...

She is going to be a talker! I wonder where she gets that or Tyler? :)

The McDons said...

Hey Shea! Sounds like Anslee is doing great! So you guys are moving? Update me when you guys know where and when. We are moving too, we are buying a house in Post! Hope to talk to you soon! Sounds like we need to catch up!