Friday, July 31, 2009

Random Thoughts

Lets be honest. This blog is a place where I can come and sort out all my thoughts for myself. Even if there were no readers out there in blogland, I think I would still write. Its a little bit of therapy mixed with some organization to my thoughts so all in all its good for me, and if anyone cares to follow...they are certainly welcome. That being said, here are some thoughts I have had about the past 6 months. I was ushered into parenthood 6 months ago, and have found I have already made plenty of mistakes, actually done some things right, and have an ongoing list of things I will do different with baby #2. (Which won't be arriving in what we would consider the "near future") I thought I would share my thoughts on what I plan on doing different next time:

Do Different List:
1. Implement BabyWise routine around 7-10 days after birth rather than waiting 6 weeks.
2. NURSE for WAY longer than 6 weeks...more like 6 months at least
3. Swaddle for a little longer than we did
4. will NOT start solid foods until 6 months (or until I see SURE ready signs)
5. No traveling for at least 1 month after
6. Allow myself to gain more weight during pregnancy, and be ok with it.

Do Same List:
1. Move baby to nursery at around 4 weeks (with monitor of course!)
2. routine works!
3. network with other mommies!
4. Teething tablets
5. Not take baby out too much until after 1st round of immunizations
6. Exercise steadily throughout pregnancy.
7. Not go cheap on diapers and food. Its not worth the aftermath.
8. Tylenol/Motrin half hour before shots.

One thing that I go back and forth with is the use of a pacifier. For Anslee, we do not use one. Not by OUR choice, but by hers. I feel like her "decision" in not using one is really because we just did not think to give her one shortly after birth. There are times when I so desperately want to pop one in her mouth and watch her go from fussy to content. We do not have that luxury, but at the same time, I am glad that weaning her from a pacifier will not be something we have to deal with at all. I think with the next one we will try out the pacifier, and see how they take it. Who knows what will come.

When Anslee turned 6 months I really started thinking about how things have worked for us, and what we would like to change. These are things that I had to experience to know if they worked or if I would want to try something different next time around. If I could ask all moms, especially first time moms what they would do different in hindsight, I think I would learn a lot. I still learn everyday...and these lists are subject to change and to be added too!!!!!!

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The Etters said...

we decided not to use a pacifier either. i am glad we aren't the only ones!