Friday, August 7, 2009

Baby Language of Love!

When Tyler and I found out we were pregnant, one of the first things Tyler said to me was, "DO NOT speak to our baby the way you talk to the dog". He was clearly implying that I baby talk a lot. He said he wanted our child to not have any language handicaps, and so my response was that I would of course not speak to the baby the way I talked to the animals.

Yesterday morning, while drinking a really good cup of coffee I sat down to watch GMA and then the Dallas, Texas version of that show, called Good Morning Texas. GMT had a segment dedicated to the Speech Language Pathology Director talking about speech problems in young children. I was surprised to find that baby talking does NOT hinder a child ability to understand and use language properly during toddler/pre-school/and young school aged children. She actually said that the high pitch tone used to speak to babies captures their attention and they listen a little more intently. They just said to speak real words!

So for all those mom's that had to stop themselves from the baby talk, go right ahead and do it! Its natural to want to talk that way to our kids anyway! I told Tyler that a professional in Speech therapy said it was ok, so there was not much he could say to that!

No shame in speaking that octave higher to all the sweet babies! :)

Side Note: We lowered Anslee's crib mattress about 3 weeks ago, when she started to pull herself up to a sitting position on her own. She has now started to pull herself up to her feet, and so we have now lowered her crib to the very lowest setting. Here is a picture of what I found last night when I heard the most horrible screams about 10 minutes after she had been put down for bed time. Please do not judge us for keeping her in her diaper only. Even with the fan blowing, its really very hot in her room!

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