Monday, August 10, 2009

A Twist of Events!

God has been so faithful to our family in the last two months. There is nothing else that can explain the twist of events that have taken place, how we were protected during this time, and how we know this change is the absolute right thing for our family.

This past Friday, we found out that we will not be moving to Waco, Texas. We in fact found out that we will be packing up and moving from Hillsboro, Tx to Coleman, Tx. Those who have been following my blog clearly know that OUR plan was to move to Waco. Tyler and I both had accepted the fact that getting back closer to home (which is Abilene for both of us) was just not going to happen in the next 5 years or so. We had not only accepted that, but we had become very excited about building a life and a home in Waco. We had actually searched homes and put an offer on one that was rejected because someone offered more than us. We then continued our search and put another offer on one that we had fallen in love with, and we ended up rejecting their counter offer back. We knew after they had countered us, that though the house might have been perfect for us, the seller's situation was not. They needed us to pay closing costs, and we needed them too. They had not lived in the house for long enough to really get anything out of it, and we decided not to make their problem OUR problem, so we knew it was not for us.

Through all of this, and looking at well over 30 homes in Waco we did not have the luck we had hoped for. Now we know that the luck we had hoped for was not at all God's plan for us. We protected us from getting committed to Waco when he knew that our hearts desire was to be close to home, and sure enough an opening came just in time! Coleman County needed a new Trooper, due to one of the county Troopers promoting and having to move into his new position in a new county. Tyler saw this just in time and was able to get his transfer moved to Coleman. Coleman is literally 45 minutes from Abilene, and better yet, Tyler's parents reside in Coleman and my parents are in Abilene! We never thought this would happen for us, but again we are amazed at how God's plan always plays our perfectly for our family. We are hardly disappointed by what he always has in HIS plans for us! Especially this time around. We are thrilled to be back closer to family and in an area of Texas that we are very familiar with.

We have enjoyed this past year in Hillsboro, as we have meet some incredible people who have really loved on us very much. We have made friends that will certainly stay in touch with. I have found a great group of women who have all helped me in my "new mommy" learning what to do in certain unexpected situations.

A few things we will cherish Hillsboro for:
1. Joining a church for the first time as a Moses Family
2. Dedicating Anslee at FBC Hillsboro
3. Wonderful care during my surprise delivery
4. Excellent Pediatrician care for Anslee
5. Tyler's training.

Tyler was trained by a top notch Trooper who really knows his stuff. Tyler took so much from the 6 months he spent under this Trooper's care while out on the road. I am so thankful that this Trooper was so incredibly "safety first" minded and as then taught Tyler to be as well. He was able to work all kinds of situations on the roads and being on the Interstate including:

wrecks that have ended in fatalities
and even a murder

So now its on to house hunting in a new whole a whole new city! We had entertained the idea of living in Brownwood, while Tyler works out of Coleman, but we really are wanting to make that decision based on what would be best and easiest for Tyler as he works from Coleman.

Stay tuned for house hunting updates again! We will be looking hard this upcoming weekend and are so excited!

Tyler starts October 1st in his new County.


The little Lee Family said...

God is SO good!! I love that his plan is always better than ours!! Love you guys!! Super excited about having you closer!!!

Lee Family said...

Congrats! Thats aweseme, I bet both of your families are so excited.

Erica and Brad said...

So happy that everything is working out for you! Good luck with your new house hunt!