Friday, August 21, 2009

08.22.09 7 Months


Your 7th month has come and gone! What a busy and exciting month you have had! At 6 months old you were great at sitting up, but you have come so far from there now. It is your daily pleasure to crawl yourself around the room from one side to the other to get to whatever it is you want. You usually have your eye set on my cup, the television remote control, or my cell phone...despite all the fun toys I have laid out for you.

You are such a little busy body with so much on your mind, and my goodness you even tell us all about it! You have officially said your first word (On August 18th). The most precious sounds I have ever heard, "Ma...Ma...Ma ma ma" Its the beginning sounds of mommy, and I love to hear you babble it over and over as you have been the last few days.

Changing your diaper has become such a challenge for me now! The minute I set you down to clean you up, you are rolled over and sitting up (ever so bravely) on your changing table! What I am thinking? Of course you have places to go and can not be bothered with a diaper change!

Every night when we give you your bath, you turn your self around to face the opposite direction of the tub and try to climb out. Who has time for a bath when you are a 7 month old baby? Not you!

Road trips are out of the question! You have better things to do than sit in the car for more than 10 minutes, and boy do you let us know when you get bored back there! No amount of toys can take your mind off the road either!

You still are such a great sleeper! Two naps a day, usually, at about 1.5-2.5 hours in length and 12 long hours at night! You are a growing girl, so sleep is on the top of your priority list for each day!

You finally are eating up those solid foods that you were not so interested in before! Your favorites seem to be the meat and fruit combination meals, so we are trying all of those out!

A sippy cup is slowly becoming your friend. You are starting to get the hang of it, and we practice each day with it. You will be an expert with a cup in no time at all!

You came into this world weighing 4 lbs 11 oz, and now you are a regular heavyweight at 18.2 lbs!

We took some photos of you this month, and so I am sharing a few of those below!

Mommy loves you baby girl!


Jules said...

I love the one of her in the HSU shirt!!! So cute!

Oh and I love your new header! Esp the pic of yall with the Moses blocks! Aren't you glad some really cool girls got those for you? (heehee)

Mike and Becky said...

So cute, Mama Shea! Anslee is such a big girl now!