Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Option Period!

Exciting news! We are not crying wolf this time either, we are officially under contract on a perfect home for our family!

Tyler and I, after a lot of prayer, thought, and discussion have together decided that living in Brownwood, Texas is the right choice for us. It will be about a 25 miles commute for Tyler on some days, but not everyday. I guess after all the talking, and looking at homes in both Coleman and Brownwood, we came to the conclusion that when we have to move (which we will have to move, and move fast when the time comes!) we would be able to more quickly sell in Brownwood. Brownwood actually also has a lot to offer a young family. There are opportunities to work with college students in the church setting,(which I love and hope to jump into getting involved in this respect soon!) We also know 3 other young couples, one of which has a baby about 6 weeks younger than our Ans, that all graduated from HSU with us! Like I said before, Tyler will still be working in Coleman county as one of two Troopers there. He is so excited to get to work in this county, as it is so close to our families. I Tyler's parents live in Coleman, and we fear that since we will be so close that they will have to kick us out!

We are so excited about the actual home. It really could not be a more perfect situation for us. It is Austin stone in the front and then cedar wood siding on the sides adn in the back! The sellers, as part of the offer, are letting us keep their stainless steel fridge, and the beautiful playset in the backyard for Anslee to have in her toddler years! Most exciting: the house is 100% move in ready. We will not even have to buy one can of paint. The colors are perfect. The sellers in laws happen to be interior designers, so I am MORE than pleased with the walls EXACTLY how they are. We also love the lighting (recessed lighting and pendant lighting in the kitchen!) and the light fixtures all throughout the house. The landscaping is clean cut and perfect. I have pictures below that were taken before the landscaping was complete and the yellow room is now a beautiful brown color.

Oh yeah...you can't see it, but the pantry is like the size of a walk in closet (or maybe bigger) Tyler says I have NO argument when it comes to cooked meals now... :)

The one thing we will do is buy a microwave/vent a hood combo to put above the stove (must save that counter space!)

Alright already! Here is our most perfect home (almost) as we have papers signed, are in the option period, waiting on the results of the inspection, and are set to close the 1st week of October! Oh yeah...there is a 3rd bedroom, and a 2nd full bathroom that are not photographed, but are both really nice and exactly what we are looking for!!

Bye Bye to renting :)

Front View from Street

View of Living Area from Dining area

Beautiful and Spacious backyard

Bedroom (they have recently changed the color of this room, and it looks just as good as the yellow does!)

Master bathroom counter/sink

Front view of the Master bedroom

Part of kitchen

Kitchen view from Living area


We feel extremly blessed to be in the middle of the process on this particular home. The last several months of looking (in many different places might I add) have been so worth it to be right where we are right now.

Please pray that the last part of this process (a most emotional process) goes smoothly for us!


Jules said...

So happy for y'all!!! The house looks perfect!

The McDons said...

I'm so happy for you guys, that is so exciting. The process of buying a house is long and scary but when it's done, it's done! We are in the process of painting so I am jealous of your move in ready house! So glad you don't have to do that though! Hope everything continues to go well. :)

Mike and Becky said...

Ok so I could finally see the big pictures of the house...it looks AMAZING! I especially love the countertops/cabinets, hardwood floors and the backyard!! Love it, and I can't wait to see it in person at homecoming!!