Monday, September 14, 2009


I have a new fun hobby. Making Anslee's baby food. This all started, because Anslee was not eating well for me. There were a number of things I was blaming myself of doing wrong that caused her to not like to eat, so in my desperate attempt to get her to enjoy mealtime, I decided to make her food in my own kitchen. In this attempt, I found myself having a lot of fun...and even better, she takes the food 100% of the time with no fussing. I have been so relieved. I decided that I would blog about my experiences with her foods, as I get more creative in what I decide to feed her.

Tonight I made carrots. I think I have enough carrots for about a month now. I have frozen all but one jar, and that jar will be what Anslee will have for lunch tomorrow. This is a simple one, seeing as how it just simply carrots, with no other foods mixed in or added.

I use a Kid Co. food processor to puree the foods.

I bought 2 bags of organic carrots (each bag is 1 lb)

I chopped up each carrot

I added about 3/4 cup of water to a saucepan, then dumped the chopped up carrots in, put the burner on a medium heat and let it simmer there for about 10 minutes until the carrots were nice and tender.

When the carrots were tender enough, I added them (and the water) to the Kid Co. processor. I plugged it in and let it run until the carrots were to the consistency where Anslee will be able to safely gum them down!

2 lbs of carrot sticks gave me 7- 4 oz jars full and 3- 3.5 oz containers full. Since Anslee won't eat carrots every single day for every single meal, I have carrots that will last me quite a while now. You can safely freeze vegetables for 3 months, so now I have a little reserve!

I had started out feeding Anslee the store bought food, and for some reason I saved almost all of the jars after she had eaten (or not eaten) them. I was glad I did, because now, I have jars to put the food I make in. I also have some Kid Co. cube trays that I use as well. Both work great for knowing how much I am serving her at each meal time!

Sorry these pictures are not that great, lets be honest, I am no photographer and photographing food is much different than photographing people!

*next time I will be STEAMING the veggies rather than boiling, in order to keep all the nutrients contained* Ahhh...still I go!


The Ruth Review said...

what a great idea! i will def. have to remember all your "learnings" for a future baby ruth! =)

Tommy & Crystal said...

Awesome Shea! I am planning to try making Zane's baby food too. I am sure it is healthier but I've also been told that it is much cheaper!

Anonymous said...

Shea, you can freeze the food in ice trays and then pop the cubes out and put in a zip lock freezer bag and store in freezer.