Friday, September 11, 2009

Anslee in week 32

Its amazing to me how much happens and how quick babies are to learn and to adapt to things in their very new world! I guess I feel like Anslee has "broken into" our world and family and has adapted to daily life with us. It does not seem like someone who is 32 weeks old should be able to do that.

Things we have noticed this week

1. TEETH. My goodness. We thought she had her top two teeth coming in (she got her bottom two in during the last week of June). Oh no. We discoved 4 of her top teeth coming in all at once. I knew her teeth would come in pairs...well I guess I expected them too because the last two came in as a pair. I had thought she was acting WAY more fussy than she did with her last two, and now I clearly know why. The front top two are cut, but the other ones are not yet. However, the swelling and redness are all present with the other ones. You can see them making their way down. The Drooling has somewhat slowed down, but the constant gnawing at any and everything has continued!

2. EATING. We are eating well this week. Still fussy at times, but not NEAR as bad as it has been in the past. I have started making her baby food from my own kitchen, and she certainly prefers homemade food to bought food. We have had carrots, green beans with oatmeal cereal, yogurt and peaches, bananas, blueberries, and sweet potatoes. I have learned to be more patient and to accept that she might not finish an entire serving. I plan on doing a blog about homemade baby food...or just my experiences with it, because I have really had the BEST time making it. It especially is worth it when the fussing is at a minimum.

3. SEPARATION ANXIETY. We had made it to 7 months without this being a problem, and honestly I thought we were out of the woods. Over the past week, if I set Anslee in her pack and play for independent play, she protests loudly. She usually calms if I sit down in front of the pack and play where she can see me. We have not had to drop her off anywhere this past week, but I am anxious about leaving her in the nursery on Sunday and will just have to see how that goes.

4. NAPS. 1st nap has become VERY short. I would jump for joy tomorrow if she slept for 1.5 hours during her first nap. They are usually about an hour at the most. If that is all she gets, that is fine. Its fine because she still sleeps about 2 hours in length for her 2nd nap and then 12 hours at night.

5. GROWTH. My word. Who would have thought that a baby born at 4 lbs 11 oz could end up catching up and surpassing her "should be" size in clothes. Anslee is 7.5 months and fits very nicely into 9 month clothing. I feel like this is probably not out of the ordinary, but for someone who came into this world so incredibly tiny it just blows my mind.

6. Mobility. Anslee started crawling about a month ago, and ever since then she is a baby on the go. I can not sit down and relax if she is not in the exercauser, pack and play, or activity center seat. I am almost certain that Anslee understands the word "No." because I say it about 49506456 times each day. The last two days, when I say it, she stops crawling and sits up and looks at me. Then she tries again. And again. We repeat this prcoess about 6 times before I finally just pick her up and distract her with something else to do.

At the beginning of this week, Anslee and I had the opportunity to see my sweet college friends for lunch. We had a wonderful time, and Anslee got to see her sweet little friend London Noel Day. Here are some photos from this week!

Anslee with her Mama, Dutch with her Mama, and London with her Mama!

Aunt Christen loves her sweet Girls, Anslee and London!

Anslee scaring Dutchess. Poor Dutch! This is what I mean by on the go baby!

Becky loving on Ans, and Me loving on Miss London Day!

A special thanks to Becky for letting me steal these photos from her camera!

Tune in for the homemade baby food extravaganza to come soon!

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