Friday, July 17, 2009

House Hunt via the Blog part 2

I appreciate the feedback on house #1 (on here and on faccebook!). I like the house from what I can tell, but like I mentioned, I have questions that I want to get answered before just falling in love with any house. On that note, here is another house that is a good option for us as well. We really like this house as well.

Front outside View

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Guest Bathroom

Dining Room

Living Room

What we are missing (in photos) of this house would be the 3rd bedroom, master bathroom, and the kitchen. All big selling points, of course. I like what I see, but need to see a whole lot more. I also am NOT a fan of the wood paneling on the walls of the living room. I LOVE that its on a half acre of land. I know that is not just a TON of land, but its more than a city lot, so the yard size is nice. Its an easy fix though, as painting will probably be a "must" anywhere we move to! Its hard to not get in a rush when doing this, but making a well thought out decision is important and I know that despite how my excitement wants me to sign papers in a big hurry!

Well, that is option #2, a strong option, for now at least!

Will put a possible 3rd maybe later today as we are headed out for the weekend. By Monday, I hope to have lots of questions answered! We are very excited about meeting up with our realtor. Her name is Whitney, and she is a reference from Tyler's sister, Jacy. They went to Baylor together and was in the same sorority as Jacy as well. My lender had called her and visited with her and after their conversation my lender, Moo, said that she was an excellent realtor to work with and that this should be a fun process for us! I felt so reassured after hearing that from Moo, as being a first time home-buyer is nerve wrecking! I feel like she will be working to find us the most house for the best price and that is all we can ask for!

*on a different note*

Parenting...not so perfectly

This has been another rough week with Anslee. I hate to think that she might be feeling uncomfortable, but I am beginning to think she has a form of reflux called GERD. The symptoms include:

excessive spit up
food aversions
more intense pain when laid down
waking early from naps

All of these Anslee has been experiencing for the last two weeks. I have to remember that she is teething and growing too. I have talked to the nurse at Dr. Neesmith's office several times, and we think that GERD could be a possibility, so we will see if a medication (in drop form) called Axid will help. I think lessens the amount of acid in the stomach and esophagus. Vomiting, and coughing are also symptoms of GERD. We are thankfully not having any of that going on though.

GERD is not a sickness, in fact it is the same thing as severe heartburn in adults. Happily, this is not anything that would require Anslee staying at home in order to not pass on to anyone else. Its due to an immature gastrointestinal track.

We try to do our best to comfort her, but we are not able to fix this ourselves. Hopefully the drops will ease her discomfort!

We take off for the Gaylord Texan Resort today! We are excited to have a weekend away, and get in some relaxing! Anslee is thrilled to hang out with her Aunt Jacy and Uncle B all weekend! :)

Pictures to come soon!


Lee Family said...

Shea, I love this house! The rooms look so big. This house definately has more room than the first one. Don't let the paneling scare you! Our house had 2 rooms with paneling when we moved in and we hated it but we changed them the way we wanted them and now we love the rooms. By the way, if you didn't know, You can paint is really pretty if you use the right kind of paint. I was a little disappointed there wasn't a kitchen picture.

The McDons said...

I like both houses! Those houses look amazing compared to what is in Post! :) Good Luck!