Monday, July 20, 2009

Hunt 3

Well, today is the big day! We are so excited to get to Waco and actually walk through these houses. We are seeing 5 houses today. We will be walking through the 2 homes that I have posted pictures of earlier this past week, this one I am posting photos of today, and two others. One of them is still being built, and the other I do not have any photos of, as it was just listed. I will be taking pictures myself during our walk through and will probably end up posting those some time later. Here is the 3rd house we will look at. This home is a little bit smaller than the other two, which is fine, considering we know that this is our first home and there will always be time to "grow" especially as our family grows!

Front outside view


Dining Area


Master bath: Shower/tub

Guest Bathroom

Driveway into backyard

There are some things I already have questions about on this one. I still certainly want to go and take a look at it, but it seems to be on a busier street. I have never wanted to live on a busy street, but that will have to be something I consider more so once I have seen it in person. I do like that the bathrooms and kitchen counters have been updated. I would like to see some bedroom pictures and maybe the living room too, so there is just more that I need to look at on this one. Worth a drive out to see though! Price wise, they are all extremely reasonable, but this one is really the most reasonable and that is always an attractive attribute!

Please pray for us as we begin this decision making process. We are excited about this time and just want God's will above all else!

More updates to come!

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