Thursday, July 23, 2009

First Time Home Buyer Hopeful!

Today we went on our 2nd round of looking at houses with our wonderful Realtor, Whitney. She took us to two different areas in Waco. We felt so much better and very hopeful after today's adventure. We really liked most of all the houses we saw today. We did favor one though. After today, I can't seem to get this one particular house out of my mind. All this to say, I am very much trying to not get my hopes up. This house (pictures below) was a foreclosure. It is just beautiful. It seems to have everything little thing that we want already. The changes we would make are minor, like painting and that is about all. Its a 4 bed two bath. The guest bathroom (which there are no pictures of) is large and set off with the three bedrooms off the living room area. The living room is large and has a fire place. The kitchen is just perfect the exact way it is, from the counter tops, floors, and cabinet space. The master bedroom and bathroom are so perfect. Large room, large walk in closet, separate tub and shower and double vanities/sinks. For being a foreclosure its actually pretty nice and in really good shape. The pictures I do have don't really do much justice, but this is what I have so I will post!

Street View


Living area

Breakfast area

Master Bedroom

I love that the kitchen looks out and is very open to the living area, and that you can look out all the windows straight into the backyard. I love every single light fixture/ceiling fan that is already put in the house. I really love the tiled kitchen counter and of course the size of the two bathrooms. One thing that really got me hooked on this house after seeing it was that Anslee would be able to have a play room, while still having her room and a guest room. I also really liked the neighborhood and feel that resale value will not be an issue for us to have deal with in the least. There would be plenty of room guests...and I am always loving to invite people over!

Now its just a matter of not getting too excited. We will be doing what we can to make this one happen. This house is also within the mile limits to the Hill County DPS office.

All this to say, we did like all the (7) homes we visited today. Tyler and I both know that if this house is a part of his plan for us, it will work out perfectly for us. If this house is not a part of his plan, we will be equally excited about what he DOES have in store for us! We just can't wait to see what will happen next!

Anslee did get her 6 month shots today, and as usual, she did great. She was such a big girl. We cried for just a few minutes, found one of our favorite toys and got to work on a yummy bottle for comfort. She quickly forgot that she even had shots at all. During the house hunt, she was robbed of good nap time, but drifted off easily for bedtime when we got home this evening. The doctor said everything was good, and encouraged us by letting us know that her not being interested in baby food is ok for now, but to keep working with her and that she would soon learn to love food (especially if she has any of her mama in her!!). I still can't believe she is 6 months old. Please know that I have already started planning her 1st birthday :)

Well that is the update for now. More to come when more happens!

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