Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Ideas

Since Tyler has been out of town this week, and Vacation Bible School is next week, I took the free time I had (during nap time...the only "free" time)and really started reading other peoples blogs. I love the blogging world. Its so wonderful to read other people thoughts and experiences. Its nice to have a place to sort of journal your thoughts and allow other people to read and react to them. I read The Conservative Mommy blog and appreciated how she practices her right to freely express her views. I look forward to reading what other people are writing about, and hopefully finding more "blog buddies". I started this blog over a year ago just to keep anyone who was interested up to date on Tyler's progress as he went through the DPS Training Academy. I used to think, why should I blog, there is not that much interesting things going on in my life that people would just want to sit down and read about. I have recently come to realize that the internet is a great way to get helpful advice and share ideas. So, I figured, if I enjoy reading what others have to say, maybe there is someone out there that will really enjoy what I have to say. So heres to viewing my blogging experiences in a whole new way!

To celebrate my new love for the blog I went to the website: and ordered a new "cuter" blog. I am hoping that this will help keep me devoted to sharing my thoughts, and my day to day experiences as a Mommy and Wife!


Tyler will be coming home this weekend. Thank goodness for husbands who are active in their kiddos lives. Tyler is so excited about coming home and loving on his baby girl. I am of course going to hand her over and take a well deserved break from the hectic "single mom" life I have been living this week. Not to say that it has been bad, because I clearly enjoy my time with her. I think all moms would agree that getting away, or just being able to take a nice long shower, is healthy and should be practiced! I am so anxious to hug his neck when he gets home. I am thankful for him going to Austin, as he is doing it to provide for our family financially, but I am so happy to get him home for this weekend. The REAL celebration will be NEXT Friday when he is back home for good and we can get back into the swing of life again!


Tyler and I are doing P90X, which is an extreme home fitness program, to keep in shape. We did a week of it, and then he had to leave for two weeks, so we are basically just going to start our 90 day journey over again when he returns for good. I am hoping we are satisfied with our results, as the workout is extremely difficult. Its nice to have a good challenge ahead of you though, right? Must keep telling myself this.... must happen before Tyler returns, and I can no longer put it off...

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