Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sick is never fun!

Well it finally happened. My sweet baby got sick for the first time in her short life! We knew this day would come eventually, but we were not prepared. Here is a re-cap of last night/yesterday:

6:50 am and Anslee is up talking. This is very unusual for our house. Anslee really never wakes up before 7:20, even though I am always listening for her from about 6:30 on each morning. In my mind I am going through my options. Do I go in there? Do I just wait until "time" to get her? I go back and forth and back forth. I know you other parents can relate big time here. Questioning myself, then feeling frustrated like, well if she just would not have woken up early then all would be well. Ha! Anyway, "talking" turns into fussing and crying and at that point my decision was basically made for me. I go in. Anslee's poor hands were cold! Her nose was runny! I was glad to see it was clear though. I clearly know why she is up early now. I clean her up, and take her temp. 98.1. She acts normal, but I decided to call the doctor anyway. He said 1/4 tsp of benadryl for the runny nose. Thank goodness we had some here already.

We got about our day as normal. She was not eating as well as she normally did, but I knew she was not feeling her absolute best so I did not worry too much about that. I let her play, we read books, and did everything like we usually do. Her nose seemed to stop running after the meds kicked in. I was pleased! Then, she took a nap that lasted over 2 hours, (her naps rarely go past 1.5 hours b/c she sleeps 12 hour at night)and I thought that was odd, but she had medicine, so again I did not worry about it.

Bed time rolls around! 7:10 pm and baby girl is OUT. Tyler and I eat and its Tuesday, so of course we are watching the Biggest Loser.

8:50 pm and Anslee wakes up. Ok. SO not normal. We wait out the crying for a little while, then decided that clearly today was a little off, and we needed to check in on her. Tyler picks her up, holds her and then I of course come and grab her. She is crying pretty hard so I am doing my best to comfort her. I hold her close and pat her back, and then it came.

vomit like I had never seen. I was covered. Her "my best chair" was covered. She was covered. Oh. and then it kept coming. I started to cry with her because all I could do was let her throw up. I could not throw up for her, I could not make her tummy feel better. This was hard for me emotionally. We clean her up. We bulb syringe her runny nose. Oh no. This time it was green. Green means infection. I call the doctor, and he tells me take her off milk, and replace it with pedialyte, continue the benadryl and even give some tylenol. Whoa, thats a lot of medicine.

I offer the pedialyte. She starts taking it well, and about 2.5 ounces into it, she throws it all up again. Again we are all covered in it. Grape pedialyte. Smells good. We clean her up again, rub her back and put her back down. She pretty much fell right back to sleep until 5:40 this morning. I again debate, but this time not for too long. I knew she was not feeling well so I went in and got her. Behind all the snot she is all smiles and laughs. Oh no. Not at 5:40 in the morning. I bulb syringe the snot again. All green. I realize she is probably hungry too, since she had basically thrown up all that was inside of her last night and offer no more than 3 ounces of pedialyte. She takes it, and I hold her for a little bit, but the whole time I am holding her she is wanting to get down and play. She kept pointing at her toys and was laughing. Not at 5:40. I lay her back down and 15 minutes later she is back to sleep.

Planning on going into to see our new doctor this morning, so please pray this is the worst it will be! I hate seeing her sick.

I still can't believe it finally happened.


Mike and Becky said...

I hope little Ans feels much better soon! Throwing up is a rough "first illness"! I'll be praying for a quick recovery! Love you guys!

M'chelle said...

So glad to know about your blog!!! I feel so sorry for your sweet little one. :( She is absolutely precious!

Hope you are enjoying the move! Blessings!