Friday, March 19, 2010

Sometimes being a Mommy is just funny!

I love how Anslee can always keep me laughing. I find myself in a better mood becuase of her often. Ahhh what a blessing! Here are a few pictures I was able to snap while laughing behind the camera (ok iPhone camera, really)

I turned around and saw that she clearly could not pick one to play with, so the only thing thar made sense was to join them all.

She got a little tired one day while playing with one of her favorite toys. You can't really see it, but she has the ladybug's antnae in her mouth.

Here she is with BFF Sadie, under the entry hall table. It was funny enough to get a picture but I had to quickly shoo them out from under there!

This her immediate reaction to her green minky dot blanket. Blanket=insert thumb in mouth.

My sassy girl. I know that in coming years cute and funny will be the last words that come to my mind when I see that smirk. For now, I will enjoy it! While I can, right?!

Need there be commentary on this one?! I don't think so. Her dad mentioned that the dress may be a tad short.

I don't have pictures to illustrate the next couple of funny things, but none the less, I laughed and still do when I think about....

1. How she calls milk "mo".
2. How she used to "woof" at any type of animal she saw. Now, she only "woofs" at dogs, goats, sea lions, and deer. When she sees the tiger or the bunny rabbit or cat she says, "kitty".
3. How every letter in the alphabet is "A" or "B".

Life with her continues to be more and more fun. She walks and talks and smiles all day long. We have not loved all the stages we have been through so far but we have loved watching her grow from helpless newborn to happy infant to healthy toddler.

We are so blessed!

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