Friday, February 26, 2010

The 2nd Year

It's hard to believe, but believe it or not we have taken the dive into Anslee's 2nd year!

Now that my monthly posts or letters to her have come to a stop (for sake of 12 months being a good stopping point for us) I decided I would do a random post just on life with my toddler.

The 2nd year has certainly already presented itself with many challenges. When you hear the term "terrible twos" you may be lead to think that when a child turns two you have something to fear. Let me explain what " terrible twos" means at our house. It means the second year of life.

Don't read this and think I have an awful child. I am blessed with a happy, verbal, playful, not yet really walking, teething, loveable, and clingy little girl.

Anslee has become extra needy and clingy, but, only towards me. In her infancy days (I long ago) she was far from a cuddler. Now, she just wants me to snuggle and hold her all day long. You all must be thinking "good grief, don't you just eat up every moment of it?" the answer is yes, of course it came to me as a pleasant surprise. I do take many extra lonnnggg moments each day to hold and love on her. The only problem is if she had her way all day long, my house would be a disaster and bathing would of course not be an option.

Fit throwing (usually in protest of me putting her down at any moment) has become a normal part of our day and I have been spured on into reading a lot about proper disicipline at her age.

She has changed so much in the just the last month. Mainly the change has been in her verbal skills. She has always been a talker (she takes after her daddy....hehe) and has had many words from a pretty early stage, but her words have doubled I feel like this month! Her words are so clear, and a few times she has even pit the words "hi daddy" together! She says play, bow, kitty kitty, puppy, mooo (does that count?) bath, and me in addition to all the other words she was saying before.

We are totally bottle free. I was extra nervous about this wean, but it went very smooth. We are liking table foods more and more each day and really prefer a sonic cup with a big persons straw than a sippy cup. She drinks milk,water, and juice now.

Sleep is still good, even though most of this month naps were sketchy. Night tome sleep has never been interupted.

We start wee kids school on Monday. Wow. I can't believe that! Mommy is excited and stumped at what will get done at home during those afternoons! I know she will do great and benefit from the experience. I will get through it fine myself, or I should, right?!

We are certainly in for a wild ride this 2nd year and loving (most) every second of it. Today I was reminded that children are one of Gods most precious gifts and it is our privlige as parents to pray for them. I thanked the Lord today for having the confidence in me as mother as to be chosen by him to parent my blessed child.

2010 has already been a year that will stand out from all others for our family, and we have become confident in recent days that the year is only going ro become so muchore rich for our family.

Here is picture of anslee's art project! It's on the fridge!

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