Thursday, February 11, 2010

More than Thankful.

I have been thinking a lot lately about the many blessings the Lord has given our family. I realized that sharing those with others is good way to stay mindful about the gifts that we have been given. I also want sharing these blessings to be a documented reminder that its my responsibility to in turn bless others, with whatever I am able.

1. Salvation. I am so thankful I have been taught to love a sovereign Lord who forgives and is merciful when we are undeserving. The same Lord that saved desires an intimate relationship with ME, and I am humbled.
2. I am thankful for marriage. God has used my marriage to grow me indvidually, and to grow Tyler and I cohesivley as a couple unit. Everyday I have that precious gift, and everyda its easy to take it for granted. I am thankful that the Lord centers us, even when we forget that he does. Praise the Lord for Tyler, who could not have been a more perfect fit for my messy life.
3. The gift of motherhood/parenthood. There is not much else in the world we live in today that could teach me more about newness of life and innoncence, but most exciting of all, what pure joy really looks like. I understand now why Jesus made examples of Children when speaking about faith. Motherhood reminds me about how precious simplicity can really be. I have been blessed to experience a love like no other, and again, I am humbled.
4. A gift the Lord provided me before I was even born. My parents. Now being a parent I am able to appreciate their training me up. My life is a reflection on them, and that is a heavy burden to carry. It is my hope that the reflection they see of me is favorable in their eyes.
5. Financial Freedom. Don't read those two words and think for one second we are rich. We are not. What I mean by this is the ability to work and bring home the necessary means in which to live. We have enough and we want for nothing. I could not be more proud of Tyler and the integrity he takes with him to work each day. A lot of men are hard working, but I feel like he is exceptional when it comes to his working responsibilities, and he does not take for granted his ability to work above and beyond the standards set before him.
6. Health. Being alert and able bodied to enjoy life each day. I truly believe that though this is not our eternal home, the Lord is blessed by our getting fullness of life while we are here. I am so thankful that our bodies are in working condition. This is a gift (as each gift is) that bears responsibility. It should spur us on in discipline to keep our earthly bodies healthy to continue on with what the Lord has planned for us. I am thankful for the healthy child I have. I know that the Lord will get a lot of use from her, because she is fully able bodied even at such a tender age. I have not taken her health for granted since she came into this world 4 lbs heavy and 16 lbs ago. Even at her tiny birth weight she suffered no complications.

It is so easy to take each one of these blessings and turn them into something we just expect to have each day. My purpose in even blogging about them is to hold me accountable to using EACH of these gifts to bless others and to serve as a written reminder to NOT just expect them and accept them as a part of my day to day life. Each one is precious, and each one is worthy to be spoken of.

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