Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pregnancy Update

Things have been going just as smoothly as ever with baby girl #2 so far!

We feel truly blessed that I have good, quiet, easy, normal, enjoyable pregnancies. Morning sickness was so minimal, (although, since I had none with Anslee I did not think it was so "minimal" during the 1st trimester. Looking back, I had nothing to complain about.)no complications, lots of energy, and so on. I can honestly say that being pregnant is quite comfortable for me, and I can actually enjoy the short 9 months of pregnancy.

I have been a able to eat well, exercise with ease and energy, and have put on a couple of lbs! Baby's measurements are all right on track with our due date, heartbeat is strong and steady (in the 150's), and I have recently began feeling her kicks and tumbles.

So here I am at 21 weeks!

We think we have a name for her. Check back soon for a blog post dedicated to what we all call her soon! I can't believe its really only about 4 months away!


Anonymous said...

you look great shea, keep the update comming! such is life

Team Purser said...

So glad to hear that things are going well! Keep us updated!

Jules said...

You look so cute! Can't wait for you to post about naming her Julie! ;)