Saturday, August 28, 2010

Spa Like Sonograms

Tyler and I had the opportunity to do a sonogram package at Stork Vision in Abilene. What an awesome experience! You walk into the room to have your sonogram done and you feel like you are walking into a spa room where you get a hot stone massage.

You could take as many people in with you as you wanted to be there.
You laid on a table that faced the wall (where the big screen TV was mounted)
Your husband reclines next to you.
Your friends and family sit behind you (to be modest to mommy) on a love seat and couch.

Everyone has a clear view of the big screen to watch baby!

We went at 19 weeks for GENDER DETERMINATION! Thats right! This part of the package was just your regular 2D sono to look to see if you have pink or blue growing inside. The second part of the package will be the 4D live motion sonogram at 28 weeks. That is when the baby is big enough to move about, do fun tricks, but not too big that they can't hardly move. We are going back 1st week of November for that part and can't wait!

This is what Tyler and I got to share with both of our parents, and my sweet and precious Cousin, Marla.

We do have a sonogram shot that does in fact verify that the sweet baby is a GIRL! We are teaching her modesty, and so just believe us when we say GIRL it is! Thats right, Anslee will be a big sister to her LITTLE sister. What great friends they will be at just 2 years apart. Our family could not feel more blessed. We think that having these two girls is exactly what the Lord has in store for our growing family. My prayer is that they will love each other unconditionally and that they will share a lifetime of memories together and cherish each one. Neither Tyler or I share a same sex sibling, so watching these two together will be a new experience for the both of us, and one that we already feel will be just as special to us as it will be for them.

During our sonogram this is what neat things we watched happen:

She turned a complete flip right in front of us.
She stuck out her tongue.
She sucked her thumb.
She had a bad case of the hiccups that caused her whole body to flail.
She crossed her feet at the ankles.
She kicked and stretched her legs the entire time.

You can tell how much she moved during the sonogram just by looking at the 1st picture that was taken pretty quick into the sonogram and then comparing to the one of the last still shots taken, which is the 3rd picture shown.

We absolutely had a blast at Stork Vision and we are so excited to go back for the live motion 4D session. They told us that we will probably be able to see distinct physical features. We could when we had them done with Anslee. I can't help but wonder if they will look just alike!


Meagan Ruse said...

Tim and I did that went Fount when we were in TX. It was amazing and spa-like, for sure! I can't wait to experience it again. The 4D is incredible! Such a special video to have.

Lee Family said...

So excited for you guys! Stork Vision is a pretty cool place...The 4D is so much cooler! You will love it.

The Myers said...

Yea! Congratulations for baby girl #2. That is so exciting! I'm sure they'll be best buds. :)