Thursday, August 5, 2010

Muscle Memory

Here is me at 23 weeks along. Pregnant with Anslee (October 2008)

Here is me at 15.5 weeks along with #2

When I talk about comparing, let me just say, the 23 week photo was the first belly shot we ever took with Anslee. At 15.5 weeks with her, It would have just been a picture of nothing.

I feel like muscle memory is good when speaking in terms of exercise. Not in terms of pregnancy!

Good Grief!


Jamie said...

Whatever Shea you look awesome! I understand though because the second time you do feel like you look huge already. Or I did anyway. However, by these pics you still wouldn't know you are pregnant except that you told us. :)

The Skains Family said...

You should see me with #3! Yikes. I'm already showing quite a bit. I compared to my other two pregnancies also, and it's a huge difference. Enjoy all that the 2nd trimester has to offer!

Lee Family said...

Shea you look great! I was a lot bigger with my second one but its completely normal!