Wednesday, August 18, 2010

So Far Today...

With Anslee:

tried new (low) piggie tails

put on her own socks. then put on her sandal shoes over them.

walked around in sandals all morning. on the wrong foot. but was so proud that she did it all by herself

put together a puzzle.

spent 8 minutes loading the washer. one piece of clothing at a time.

worked out with mommy.

read the same book 4 times.

told mommy all done after eating two peach slices at lunch. then asked for a cookie.

called her daddy at work to say "hi daddy"

came in for a kiss to mommy, then backed away and laughed hysterically.

became completely unglued when mommy took away a bag of chips from her.

told her mommy she loved her 3 times.

Its just a little past noon. I do not have to wait until the end of the day to say today I am blessed.


Anonymous said...

She she is getting so big! low piggies suit her well~

Amber Ruth said...

so sweet!