Saturday, August 14, 2010

Pardon our Progress in early preperation!

Tyler, Anslee, and I spent an afternoon this week getting things put together for new baby.

We found a great deal that we could NOT pass up on this lovely baby furniture. We were so excited to find it, and decided not to wait around on changing our once guest room into a nursery. This is all we have done so far!

We clearly have not taken down all the guest room decor from the new nursery now, but its a work in please pardon.

On the topic of Rooms:

We had to unexpectedly somewhat re-do Anslee's room. One day, I notice that Anslee's bedding was past due for a wash. I knew that normally these items needed to be washed on the delicate cycle. I thought for some strange reason that washing them on the sanitary setting would be better (if you had seen them, you would have thought so too). That was a big mistake.

What a crazy coincidence! My friend Amanda Finn from High School put on Facebook cute baby bedding for sale! It was a steal of a deal, and would you believe the bedding was all the exact same colors that we had used in her room?

Here is her room with a mini makeover!

We obviously still have plenty of time to work on the new nursery, and as we do, I will update :)

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