Sunday, August 22, 2010

Look to your right!

Hey Everyone!

Connecting Caring Communities out of Abilene, Texas has been accepted as a Pepsi Refresh Challenge potential winner!

"Connecting Caring Communities, a comprehensive community initiative, works to restore the foundation of safe and caring communities by rebuilding the system of caring relationships. Why? Because we believe true community renewal changes the world, one neighbor at a time."

The Goals of The CCC are:
* Open Friendship Houses in the vulnerable neighborhoods of our city
* Build sustainable, energy-efficient homes for low-income families
* Foster safe, caring, and whole communities one neighbor at a time

All it takes is a couple of clicks to help The CCC become the winners of $250,000 grand prize to even better what the CCC is already doing in the neighborhoods of Abilene, Texas.


As of today, the CCC stands in 21st place! Two weeks ago, they were at 65!

You can vote straight off of my blog (look at the widget to your right!)
You can vote here:
You can vote straight from facebook!

Please vote :)

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