Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Prep.

With 2 weeks at max until baby girl arrives, its time for the preparation to begin. Ok. Its time for the preparation to be DONE!

I had such a fun time burying myself in all the baby stuff we had put away for what seemed to be such a long time!

I washed a handful of Anslee's new born clothes. I also threw out a bunch. I forgot how much Anslee spit up as a infant...some of the stains were just too much to look past!

Anslee was of course such a big help to getting baby sister's items ready for her.

She immediately needed to bring her baby to be bathed.

...and she needed to swing too.

What a punch those braxton hicks contractions can pack! My goodness! This pregnant body certainly knows its reaching its ending point, and is prepping itself for delivery as well! Oh. I will spare you the picture of these swollen ankles. Trust me, no one is interested in viewing that sore sight!

The car seat is put in.

The nursery is stocked with diapers.

The hospital bag is packed.

Anslee's 2nd birthday party is somewhat planned. It will be 3 days before surgery.

Come on sweet baby, Daddy, Mommy, and Big Sister are so ready to meet you!

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