Saturday, January 15, 2011

Time with Her

If you have ever read this blog before, or visited my facebook page, or read a twitter update of mine, or ever even had a single conversation with me, you know this:

I am CRAZY about this little girl.

Tyler and I both agreed sometime after her birth, that if the Lord decided that we were to only have one child, we were more than blessed and that life would be beautiful because we had HER.

She has become my best little friend.

When I found out I was pregnant with her I had some super mixed emotions! We had been only married for 6 months, Tyler and I were living together only on the weekends due to his training that was Monday through Frieday in Austin, and we clearly were not planning on doing the baby thing at that time.

Then I had a friend say to me, "Shea, when your baby gets here you will wonder why people ever wait any length of time to experience this kind of love." This friend spoke straight truth into my life. She did not have a child at the time, but now, she has a beautiful 19 month old and would consider herself blessed beyond measure as well.

The Lord has decided to bless us with another baby girl, and to bless my Anslee with a little sister. He is just so good to us. So very good.

I stand with mixed emotions again, though, as I enter into my last days alone with my best little buddy. I know her world is about to be rocked. So is mine. Every sweet moment alone with her right now is precious. Anslee knows things are changing around here, as 2 year olds are much more perceptive than you would really think. I am wanting to her to know that though we are adding to our family, my love for her will not be divided.

Things will never be the same, but they will be just as rich and sweet when Kensington is brought into our everyday lives. I am looking forward to watching Anslee grow into loving her baby sister. I am nervous about her initial reaction. I am uncertain how the adjustment period will play out.

I have faith that God has all my fears under his control (thank goodness)and that the details of our everyday he will not forget.

Praise the Lord for the sweet blessings he has graciously given our family. We are so undeserving of his love, and the love that comes with the birth of a child.

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that boy mitch, big O, and me! said...

Shea, I am sitting here BAWLING my eyes out reading this post. I know Anslee feels the same way about her sweet Mama. I am running through these exact feelings right now as we start to think about another baby and how Owen will feel, how he will react, how I will react, etc. How you have touched my heart with this post. I am so happy for you and your new family my sweet friend. What a beautiful blessing!