Friday, February 4, 2011

2 weeks in and the honeymoon is over!

Our Kensington is now 2 weeks old! We had her check up on Wednesday and here are her stats:

19 3/4 inches
7.2 lbs
She is in the 25th percentile for both height and weight.

When we left the hospital our girl was 6 lbs 3 oz. She lost 5 oz from her birth weight which was 6 lbs 8 oz.

We were happy to see that she had already grown 1/4 of an inch and gained 10 oz from her birth weight. We felt like knowing that, and with the 10-12 wet diapers per day, she is getting a nice full belly with each feeding.

Nursing is still going just great. She takes full feedings that last anywhere from 10-15 minutes on each side. This is still and effortless process for me, and I am so very thankful for that.

On the other hand. Sleep is a thing of the past for Tyler and I. I am seeing that it will be a part of our future, but alas, for now we know not what good sleep is. Its amazing what a lack of sleep can do to you. Lets just say at our house the effects are not pretty.

Kensington sleeps soundly and wonderfully throughout the day. Except for maybe two times during the day she will just stay wide awake. I mean awake for way longer than she should be able too. Twice now she has stayed awake from one feeding to the next. This baffles me, as I know newborns at this age usually have trouble just staying awake to get in a full feeding. Not my girl! We are going to try a 2.5 hour feeding schedule to see if fitting in one more feeding during the day will help her go longer at night.

This whole sleep thing has just made me feel like I know nothing about infants. Its safe to say, that 2 years goes by and you then realize how much you have forgotten.

There are times during the day where the sweet girl is inconsolable. A swaddle wont help. Neither will a pacifier (although, there are times where it will comfort her for a few minutes). Being held does no good. You would think always having a clean and dry diaper would put a smile on her sad face. Nope! Have I mentioned how her cry is just so unpleasant? Precious girl. We are working on it.

We are still getting to know this little one. We cant be too hard on ourselves, how can you honestly expect to know everything about a person in 16 short days?

Then, there are times of the day where she is just wide awake and content. This is better than being awake and screaming, but when I know she needs a nap, its still frustrating. We are thinking she is a little young to be crying it out right now, but I certainly am NOT looking forward to those days in our future.

Gripe water has been a dear friend to us since yesterday. It may be my new favorite baby item.

So all this to say, the honeymoon is over. Real life with two has met up with us in a very real way. We are a happy family of 4, but just honest about the trials that come with the adjustment. We hope that with time, and being confident in our parenting choices, we will have hope for good sleep for every person under our roof!


The Myers said...

Oh Shea! I'm sure you're doing a wonderful job. Hang in there. Remember, it does get easier. :)

Amber Ruth said...

wow 2 weeks already?! that was fast or so it seemed in blog world lol!

Krystal said...


Sounds like you are doing a great job! It's going to be an adjustment for everyone! Keep your head up! Maybe you need grandparents over so you guys can catch up on sleep! :)

Jules said...

I hope it gets better soon! Can't imagine how hard that would be. Love you friend!