Sunday, December 4, 2011

Oh What Fun!

We have started December out with nothing but fun.
We love this season and all the sweet that comes with it!
I had no idea until last year that Advent Activities 
are a great way to make the most precious of memories
with the tiny loves that live with us!

I told Mr. Moses that I wanted to be intentional this season
with fun activities and memory making madness.
He of course is always on board with making our girls feel 
like the little treasures they are!

This is how we have started off!

Day 1.
Ninny and Papa wanted the gals to head down to bustling
city of Coleman for their parade of lights.
What fun we had. The weather was perfect. 
Papa lead the parade as Chief of Police
and Daddy blocked traffic.

Now don't judge, my camera was not cooperating so this is the best we have.

Gotta love a small town Christmas parade of lights. The girls loved it!

Day 2.
Some days are more exciting than others. I want to make sure
that I take this Christmas season as an opportunity to 
share more about Jesus with my girls. Anslee really is starting
to understand, and its such a sweet thing to hear how she talks 
about Jesus. I especially love listening to her talk to Jesus.

So we read 3 books about Jesus birth and the very 1st Christmas.
Kensington sat and read with us too, but was clearly more 
interested in trying to eat the books.

Anslee loved that these stories really were from the point of 
view of the animals. It was a different perspective, and perfect for her age.

Day 3.
Whoa. Day 3 was jam packed with greatness. We barely had a moment to
breath. We had some activities planned,
and I could not choose which one would be our advent activity, so I just
the gals we had an advent day planned of fun, and that all that 
we did was to celebrate the season!

First, Southside Baptist Church put on a "Breakfast with Santa and Mrs. Claus" event.
We signed up without hesitation. The girls stayed in their PJ's
and we headed to have pancakes with Santa and the Mrs.

Mrs. Claus read "Twas the Night Before Christmas" and was totally
a hit. Mrs. Claus made that story come right to life!
She reminded the boys and girls to stay on the "nice" list too :)

Lets just say that Little Miss Kensington Kay could not get enough
of pancake bites. She thought she was tasting heaven and never looked back.
And Anslee drank all of her orange juice from a big girl cup (no straw, totally open top)
and spilled not one drop. Someone remind her she is supposed to stay tiny
forever and ever. and ever.

The sweet babes had Heather Nix Photography take their photo on Santas lap.
Worry not, Kensington made the deaf hear again with her 
most pitiful of wails. Sweet girl needs to get a quick grip!
Can't wait to share that photo with you all when it comes back to us!

We then headed out to Christmas Under the Stars in downtown Brownwood.

What a blast that event was! Sign me up for that every year from here on out! We loved
Every second of it! Just look at our fun!

Anslee did all of the following:
sat on santas lap (again)
pet Mrs. Claus pet Christmas mouse.
got a manicure.
decorated a cookie.
picked out a gumdrop to put on a life size gingerbread house.
and pretended to be an angel. We all know she was not pretending one bit!
and Little sister was the best little trooper. Watching sister be busy as a bee
and thinking of how next year she will join sister in all the fun to be had!

Day 4.

Today was a fun day too! This Sunday started off
with Sunday School, where they made "I love Jesus mega phones"
Anslee was proclaiming this phrase all day long. We loved it!
Thanks to Mrs. Brandy, Anslee now sings This is the Day the Lord has Made
and dances a jig. We sure love that Mrs. Brandy!

Then, we put nap off a bit. (insert a very anxious mama here)
Sometimes we just can't help when things are planned out of our control.
Kindermusik's Christmas program was this afternoon at the Early Mall.
So We headed down and and listened to Anslee and her sweet friends Sing their 
precious hearts out. Stage fright was the name of her game.
I could not have been more proud though, as she participated (a little)

So we chalked up a Christmas concert as our Day 4 Advent Activity.
We are sure having a blast and starting off the holiday season of 2011
on a happy note. 

We sure hope you are making as many sweet memories as you can!

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