Friday, November 25, 2011

What they taught me.

Confidence. This sweet girl gave me confidence.
She taught me that I can do this motherhood thing. 
 I could do it. I was capable of being responsible
for raising a little life. I could teach her things, and see results!
This was huge, for me, because this was the one thing I did
not want to fail at. She is happy and healthy, and Tyler and I 
have a hand in that, with God's watching over us every step of the way.
She made a mother and everything that comes with that.
Over this past year, she has taught me that I can believe in myself,
and that I can also believe in her.
She is capable. With our guidance, Anslee can learn anything.
She has made us happy and proud.
She made me mom and with that she made my dreams come true.

While Anslee taught me to believe in myself, Kensington has taught me
to first rely on Christ. She humbled me. I know somethings,
but I do not know it all. I am capable, but only under the hand of Christ.
Things do not always go as we plan, but if we surrender to Gods will,
our life plan will be made perfect. 
My Kensington is my living reminder that there is a greater
path for us to be on, and when we try to take control
things can get messy. 

I look forward to the day that I can tell my girls how deeply they have
changed my life. How they brought a new kind of love for Tyler and I to experience. 
How I will be forever grateful for how their lives changed mine.

I want to teach them lessons as valuable as the ones they have already taught me
in their most tender of years. As I learned from Anslee, I can do just that.