Thursday, November 17, 2011

Days of Thanks - 17

Everyone knows that there is nothing
more precious than watching our parents loving
on our children.
I have to sit back and wonder, as I see my parents
and my in laws fall head over heels in love with my girls,
if this is how they were with us when we were the tiny ones.

My dad one day joked saying that having grandkids
makes having kids worth it.
I was not sure whether to hug him or slap him
when he said that. He says he was joking,
but I know that there is at least 1 ounce
of truth in every sarcastic joke.
My girls have 4 grandparents who love them both 
wholeheartedly. Did you know there is no greater gift a parent 
can get than to see others loving your children?
Goodness my eyes fill up with tears when I think about God has
blessed my babies with grandparents who would stop
the movement of the very Earth for my girls.

So today, My thankfulness is directed at Tama and G-Dad
and Ninny and Papa. Alongside Tyler and I, there are no other people
who care for and love my Anslee and Kensington than them!

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