Saturday, November 5, 2011

Days of Thanks - 5

Please tell me I am not the only one thankful for
ahem...a few bathroom items?
Seriously. What goes on in the bathroom is important business!
I have a couple of things that live in my bathroom
that clearly need a little shout out.
In other words, I am thankful for them!

Ahhh. Rare Minerals. Its part of the Bare Minerals cosmetic line. 
This is blemish therapy. Let me tell you. Not much therapy is needed.
This is a budding pimples worst nightmare.
Not kidding.
One quick dab of this white, powdery, mineral miracle
and zit free you will be. 
I have NEVER seen any treatments that work as well or as fast 
as this. Love it.
It lasts forever and works overnight.
Every hormonal teenager and new momma needs this.

Speaking of Skin Care.
The Clarisonic skin brush. This will wash away your skin
into brand new. Best thing? Its waterproof. It works off of a battery charge
and will seriously make your pores squeaky clean. 
You can use it with any cleanser. It gets your skin so much
cleaner than just using your hands. It only takes 1 minute.
1 minute for beautifully clear skin. Yes.

So raise your hand if you keep your toothbrush in the bathroom?
Thats what I thought. You do, and so do I.
Raise your hand if you keep your toliet in the bathroom as well?
Does it not gross you out to no lengths that think that every time you flush
the toliet germs {and such} are sent airborne?
Thats why I protect my and Tyler's toothbrush with the Vio Light
toothbrush sanitizer!
Anslee has her own pretty princess one. She even was able to decorate with
stickers. What fun for her!!
You put in your toothbrush bristles downward
turn on a special germ killing light
and a clean toothbrush you have.
My dentist would be so proud. If I went and paid him a visit that is.

Thanks to my sweet mama for seriously buying me all of the above items 
that I clearly could not go a day without now.

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