Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Days of Thanks - 15 Thankful Tuesday!

I am thankful for Tuesdays!
Tuesdays are our busiest and most fun 
day of the week here.
We start out like any other day:
wake up
get dressed
On Tuesdays, we head to dance right after breakfast.
Oh Anslee loves dance class and her mommy loves watching her.
Then we fall back into line with a normal routine:
Kensington naps
naps all around (sometimes mommy joins in!)
Then we switch gears again from the norm.
Oh how we love Kindermusik.

So really, Dance and Kindermusik are why I love Tuesdays.
Having fun activities planned where Anslee can interact with peers
and enjoy herself with music has been new since this Fall hit,
and we have so enjoyed her being old enough to be involved in these types
activities. I am really looking forward to when she can
choose what she likes best and is most talented in!

What fun we will have when Kensington gets herself
busy in activities as well! 
Right now we love our Tuesdays so much
we simply can't fit any more fun in!

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