Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Days of Thanks - 9

Oh my word! You thought I would not get today's post in, didnt you?
I almost did not sit down to write,
although I thought several times today about how thankful I am for
Mothers Day Out.
What a wonderful experience we have had at Wee Kids this year!
Anslee looks forward to going to "school"
every Monday and Wednesday!
Anslee benefits a great deal from being in an 
organized classroom type setting.
All is age appropriate,
but she has really learned so much.
She has picked up on so many different concepts from school.
Her most recent being that girls and boys are different.
(She does not yet know why or how)
she just knows there is a distinct difference.
Her social skills are certainly put into practice here,
being a peer setting and learning to respect each others space.
I am also especially thankful for her teacher, Mrs. Kaylee.
Mrs. Kaylee used to be a public school teacher,
sees the importance of learning at an early age
and sees each of her kids full potential.
She is married to our Chiropractor. 
She co-coordinates MOPS with me,
and she is a mama herself to 
Weston, 4 and 
Wyatt 2.
Wyatt is in Anslee's class and they are precious friends.

What a wonderful environment Wee Kids is. 
I am also thankful for it right now,
as it gives me the opportunity to have special one on one time
with sweet Kensington.
Anslee had that one on one time everyday for 
1 year + 362 days.
Now Kensington can have some mommy time of her very own!
We love Wee Kids and are thankful for 
all the good it is to us!

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