Sunday, November 20, 2011

Days of Thanks - 20

Uneventful pregnancies.
Today, I am so thankful for not just 1, but 2 super easy,
uneventful, worry free pregnancies.

The journey from conception to birth is the most fascinating 
journey to really understand. How is it that there are so many people in this world?
Did we not just reach 7 billion this past month?
So much has to be just perfect for one person to be brought into human life.
I mean its clear that every child is nothing short of a miracle.
Its one of those things that science just can't explain well enough.
God must be in total control of every little detail when it comes 
having a baby. I am not sure how you 
could not believe if you have ever had a baby or known 
someone to have had a baby.

I have been so blessed. So incredibly thankful am I, for the 2
healthy and thats right, fun pregnancies I have had.
Yep. I love being pregnant. I get funny looks when I say that sometimes.
Pregnancy is just easy and quite comfortable to me.
I never had high blood pressure.
I never had morning sickness.
I never swelled.
Did not get stretch marks.
I exercised at pretty high intensity through both pregnancies.
I never really craved anything weird. (other than wanting to chew on ice cubes)
I did not gain an unreasonable amount of weight.
Anslee and Kensington were healthy at each and every 
prenatal visit. 
If the only thing I had to complain about was a little back pain in the last trimester,
then I considered myself fairly lucky, and very thankful.
I felt like I could enjoy each and every stage of both my pregnancies
for what they were. I never wished any of my pregnant days away,
and I still think back to what an amazing time(s) in my life
the journey was. 

Isn't it a journey though, to even getting pregnant?
I think its quite ironic, at how, all of a sudden a couple throws
away all forms of birth control and is trying for something
that they had always been trying to prevent. 
Wouldn't you agree that its a feeling of freedom?
Isn't it funny how you can never really be "ready"
fully? There is always something else you can do,
another trip you could take. Another couple of thousand
to save up? Sometimes (like for us) you start the journey without
even knowing. 
Other times, you desire to expand your family and make
a conscience effort to the beginning of pregnancy. (like us, with Kensington)

For some the journey to pregnancy is long and hard one. One filled 
with lots of heartache and questioning why.
For others, its a smooth ride, and one without many bumps along the way.

Our journey, though different with each child, was one that was
easily acquired, and for that I am unbelievably thankful.  In all honesty,
I do not know the pain of not becoming pregnant when I wanted to be.
I know several friends who do understand that, and I 
have found myself hurting with them and for them in all the ways I could.
I admire their strength and feel like they have a story for their unborn
child that is so special.
When I hold their baby, I will be holding a child that was 
desired so greatly before they were ever formed. I will look 
in those little newborn eyes, and be able to tell them
from firsthand experience how much their life means to their parents.
what an incredible gift they are, how they are special and how they
have already shaped their parents into new people
by the journey they already lead them on.
Pregnancy with Anslee

Pregnancy with Kensington

PS: its a little sad that I felt skinner in this last photo than I do now. I was 36 weeks pregnant!

All of this to say that I am ever so thankful for beautiful gift of 
pregnancy. What it means (in different ways) to each mother,
and how our lives are changed when the journey from pregnancy ends and the 
journey into motherhood begins.

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